Nathan Crist

Freelance Audio Editor & CD Designer

Location:Riverview, Florida, United States
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Nathan Crist
1824 Sunset Point Road Apt K
Clearwater, FL 33765

Highly qualified to work in the field of audio production. My listening and problem solving skills are excellent. Able to effectively operate the software in the areas including recording, mixing, mastering, and setup of sessions. Educated in the editing of audio and getting the best sound out of my mixes. Graduated from the International Academy of Design and Technology learning necessary skills required to be competitive in this industry.

· Advanced in correctively and creatively editing audio within Protools
· Ability to operate Protools software in a professional audio environment
· Educated in setting up recording sessions as well as managing them
· Experienced in mixing and mastering.
· Understand the frequency responses of different genres
· Excellent listening skills
· Highly creative in the art of mixing audio
· Skilled with the Melodyne and Autotune software
· Understanding of how to make a track radio ready
· Unique method of creating audio effects
· Capable of creating realistic vocals and harmonies
· Able to incorporate radio effects into my mixes
· Have done self-recording and worked with other artists recording their music as well as mix and master it.
· Able to set up for a recording session and set the levels where they need to be.
· Capable of understanding what the artist wants done while recording and able to execute it in Protools.
· Understand when more recording needs to be done and when I have enough to make a good mix.
· Know how to correctively and creatively edit audio in a mix.

· Protools
· Microsoft Word
· Logic
· Melodyne/Autotune

International Academy of Design and Technology Tampa, FL 2009-2011
B.A. of Audio Production

· Ability to work well under pressure
· Great with customer service and dealing with people
· Superb memory skills
· Highly reliable and dependent
· Able to quickly learn new material
· Exceptional problem solver
· Ability to communicate with people in a polite manner
· Capable of remaining focused under stressful conditions
· Understand the importance of being on time
· Aware of the importance of deadlines and able to meet them
· Excellent math skills
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Audio Editing
CD Design