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Location:California, United States
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I usually read at least one book a day and I've noticed a lot of the self published authors could use an editor. I can give level 1 editor experience for a very low price.

Correct errors in spelling such as:
•Correct words that can be found easily in a dictionary or credible on-line resource
•Correct errors involving words that have similar spelling or sound such as:
-“manager” and “manger”
-“there,” “their,” and “they’re
-“affect” and “effect”
-“two,” too,” and “two”
-“it’s” and “its”
-“insure,” “ensure,” and “assure”
Correct errors in possessives involving names, as well as both singular and plural possessives
May query inconsistencies in specialty terms that not commonly known by the public and are difficult to verify
May query inconsistencies in names and places that are fictional or not well-known
Correct errors in punctuation including:
•Different types of dashes including en dashes and em dashes
•Quotation marks
•Various punctuation marks within sentences and at the end of sentences
•Sentence fragments
•Run-on sentences
Correct errors in grammar including:
•Subject/verb agreement
•Mixture of tenses
•Issues involving plural and singular
•Treatment of possessives
•Basic syntax (the way in which words are put together to form phrases or sentences)
Correct errors in capitalization
•Ensuring that proper capitalization rules are applied in different situations such as:
-Titles of persons
-Titles of various types of works
-Specific terms including those referring to directions, seasons, and languages
Identify some basic language usage issues such as:
•Words that are used incorrectly as in:
-“Incontinence” when “incompetence” was intended
•Incorrect attempted use of a noun as a verb as in:
-“Strategy” and “strategize”
Suggest changes in word choice in cases when:
•A word is overused
•A different word choice may more clearly convey the meaning
•Some readers may find a particular word offensive
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