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Creating art that looks good is one thing, creating art that WORKS is a rare trait that not many artists have mastered. I've always been exceptionally skilled at creating mind blowing work and have come to learn that without the right philosophy and strategies you just get a bunch of "pretty pictures" which people just stand and stare at as opposed to PURCHASING in some form. It's flattering to see so many people's breath taken away by something I created; but when it comes to being VALUABLE to a client and paying bills, compliments and admiration only go so far.

I've worn many coats as an artist and am familiar with the applications and processes of many mediums. This is important because every application/print process isn't the same and HOW the artwork is developed can make or break the final product. All too often I've seen GREAT ART get butchered as it's converted into a usable form for a particular medium, such as gradients being converted into half tones for silk screening, NOT a pretty sight.

Knowing what I know saves a lot of time and a LOT OF MONEY in the long run because I do it all right the first time around. Take a look at my various galleries to see the quality of my work and check out my credentials section for more info about what I can do for you. Thanks for visiting, ENJOY!!!
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