Joel Steinberger

Freelance Book Designer & Document Designer

Location:Los Angeles, California, United States
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I have an MCA literary background where I began in he mailroom and functioned as Lew Wasserman's private reader. I have ghost-written books and memoirs to critical acclaim. I have represented major clients and vetted the work of screenwriters such as Abby Mann, novelists and playwrights such as William Inge ,Tom Berger and Leon Uris.

If you supply the chapter headings and technical information, this will give me both the structure and content for your book. Observing the style in your previous works and fulfilling my own demand for beautiful articulation will bring about the optimum rendition of your book. I have no hourly rate and have never worked by the hour. As you know, finding just the right word with your shade of meaning for a sentence can take hours just to reach the precise nuance. I'll make your indicated flat rate work for me.
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Book Design
Document Design