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Location:Los Angeles, California, United States
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Song Writer / Vocal & Music Producer / Recording Engineer
631-565-7114 /swaggabob@gmail.com

Swagga Bob, was born in NY, raised with a strong family influence in R&B as well as West Indies/Carribean music, although his biggest influence was Freddie Mercury. His producing career began at a young age while simultaneously learning the piano, drums and sax. Found by Jared Cotter at Twin Gem/EMI, his talent led him to his present day push to help launch deserving independent artists’ careers while continuing to write and produce professionally.

Producer, Writer, and/or A&R – Not exhaustive: T-Mills, Kasual Kas, Victoria Duffield, Lazze, Antonella Barba, Chrystina Sayers, Melody Thorton, Big Time Rush, Soulja Boy Sean Kingston and has worked with Michaela Shiloh, Young Yonny, Scotty Grand, Jared Cotter, The Jackie Boyz, Twin Gem/EMI, YMCMB, JR Rotem from Beluga Hieghts, Cet It Off, ISLAND DEF JAM, Finatik N Zac, TWICE as NICE, and GOOD Will.
Engineering – Analog and digital; Records, Edits, Masters, and Mixes; Pro Tools; Necessary knowledge of equipment.
Managing – Through Swaggasquad, currently Lindsey Jennings (HIP-HOP/EDM). Past artists include: Tayyib Ali (HIP-HOP); Pat Solo (HIP-HOP); Calix (Singer/Songwriter).

“Unbreakable" – Michael Mind – Kontor
“Titre Francais” – Lea Castel (Universal France)
"Mon coeur peut le dire" Lea Castel (Universal France)
"change le monde " Lea Castel
"Rock His World" Titre en francais
“Love is what you make of it” – Maude Des Anges 5 (Universal France)
“What is Love” – La Grosse Equipe – NRJ12
“Thomas Mignot” – The Voice (Universal France)
"POP OFF" Thomas Mignot
“Rubby Battery” – The Voice (Universal France)
"Mine " and
"What dreams are made of" – Melissa Nkonda (Warner France)
"Radio" and "Looking for someone new"
"Reckless" – Victoria Duffield (Warner Canada)
"Salute Myself" – The Dutchies
"Give It Up" – Asia Cruz
"Keystone State of Mind" - Tayyib Ali
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Song Writing
Music Production