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Mark Estrada

Freelance Animator & Logo Designer

Location:Santa Monica, California, United States
2 Skills
Proficient use in software programs After Effects, Flash, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Final Cut Pro and Microsoft Office. Comprehensive knowledge of ToonBoom Studio, Shake, Avid and Dreamweaver. Experience with 2D animation, motion graphics, storyboarding, compositing, chroma keying, stop motion and graphic design. Quick learner, detail oriented, and very adaptive.

Independent contractor
May 2013 - Present
• Director/animator of music videos, including Bobby Byrd’s “Back from the Dead,” HMFT’s “Chillin’ on the Scene,” and The Buster Duanes’ “Nebula”
• Advertisement illustrator
• Logo designer

Starburns Industries — Burbank, Ca
Visual effects and animation studio
August 2009 - May 2013
• Lead animator and production manager on Warehouse 13 webisode series “Time Out”
• Animation assistant on JC Penney stop motion Black Friday commercial
• Lead animator on animated short “Tependris Rising” • Animator on Warehouse 13 webisode series “Grand Designs”
• VFX artist on Adult Swim pilot Rick and Morty
• Animation assistant on Moral Orel “Beforel Orel” stop-motion special
• Character animator, project lead and project manager for Healthy Kids Project for San Antonio health-oriented public initiative
• Character animator, project lead and project manager for Warehouse 13 motion comic webisode series “Of Monsters and Men”
• Compositor/VFX artist on “Abed’s Uncontrollable Christmas” stop-motion episode of NBC’s Community
• Stop motion animator, compositor and background designer for “Blue Marble Gang” TV pilot
• Co-producer and 2D animator and motion graphics artist on National Geographic’s Humanly Impossible
• Assistant compositor on CG episodes of “Sports Science” (ESPN) and
“iPredator” (Animal Planet)
• Background designer/compositor for “Da’ Boozman’s” 2d-animated TV pilot

Renegade Animation — Glendale, Ca
Episodic and commercial animation studio
Spring 2009
• Organized files in the network structure • Completed animation retakes, including lip-sync and minor detail changes • Revised scripts to match final dialogue audio

Self Assembly Films — Austin, Tx
Movie post-production studio
Spring 2008 to Fall 2008
Post-production intern on feature film “Mars”
• Chroma keyed green screen footage • Built 3-D models and environments, and created textures • Did layout, camera tracking and prop tracking on various shots

News 8 Austin — Austin, Tx
24-hour news station for the Austin area
Summer 2007
Graphics intern
• Created daily maps and graphics for on-air broadcasts • Created animations for promotions/news features
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Logo Design