Hector Flores

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Childhood was a struggling battle yet a blessing of wisdom. Raised in upstate New York my father was seldom there. My mother Mary was there and did all she could battling cancer until I was 13 when she passed. No siblings so the world and its sometimes harsh reality was dealt to me. Growing up with all sorts of parental figures, feeling as if I didn't quite fit in and yet always having the foundation of god and spirituality. Signs and symbolism were always and still is there. My grandmother Innocence was the source of our families unconditional love. I moved to Florida after high school the maybe 2 years later my grandmother passed from cancer as well. I hit rock bottom and my mind and words began to form naturally. Wisdom became close to my heart. Life's struggles and blessings have brought me here for now I feel a calling in writing. I have I think a poetic, philosophical, spiritual, universal talent of words and have been writing quotes now that many seem to enjoy deeply. I have a story to tell with symbolism, miracles, quotes, wisdom, spirituality, love, pain, joy and sadness. I am truly humbled by these experiences and feel the need to share what I feel is a gift.
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