Freelance Business Plan Writer & Business Writer

Location:New York,, New York, United States
Phone: 212-505-9144
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Executive Profile

A visionary, innovator, inventor, speaker, skilled writer and executive. Founder of three start-ups. Able to spot trends, events and moments 'before the curve', and respond with innovative solutions that set new standards. This has resulted in coming up with patentable ideas, building sales and marketing teams and tools, and making the sale. Skilled at crafting Executive Summaries, Business Plans, Sales, Marketing and Investor Presentations as well as Provisional Patent Applications.

Skill Highlights
• Vision Leadership
• Market Analysis Diverse Market/Industry
• Writing New Business Development
• Product Development Presentations
• Sales Client Interaction

Core Accomplishments

Had vision of how new symbology could prevent medical errors, developed the software and sold it to major Pharmaceutical companies.

Saw the need for a high speed printing module for production lines, raised $8MM and founded company to sell it.

Invented new way to trade Intellectual Properties, built an online trading platform.

Consulted with smartphone application developer pitched VC's and secured Bridge and first round funding.

Holder of multiple US Patents, and writer of many Patent-Pentings that impacted multiple verticals giving them the ability to print serialized unit data for track and trace capabilities, as well as anti-************** strategies