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Katie M. Newman

Freelance Animal Illustrator & Greeting Card Illustrator

Location:Beaverton, Oregon, United States
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Katie Newman has been a book fanatic since she learned how to read. She started to draw when she grew older, and the books she read had less and less images. Reading sparked a desire to create visuals to go along with the stories. Storytelling continues to influence her art today. Much of Newman's work is narrative, detailed and surreal or fantasy-based. She likes to create hand-drawn lines, using hatching and patterning for texture, and pairing it with digital color. The traditional line art allows her to retain the classical feeling she remembers from reading old fairy tales, while the digital painting allows for contemporary concepts and color experimentation.

Outside of her artwork, Newman enjoys going on adventures with her dog while camping or hiking. Animals have always interested her, and if she hadn’t become an artist she most probably would have become a zoologist or search and rescue dog trainer