Rick Sweenie

Freelance 3D Animator & Animator

Location:Bennington, Nebraska, United States
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14 years of professional programming experience. 3 years of animation experience (professional and personal combined).

Mainly self taught in various computer programming languages and 3D animation specialties, such as, rigging and modeling...I had to seek professional training for some of the more complex subjects, like Computer Science, C++ and 2D/3D Animation principals.

Here are a list of programming tools and technologies I've used in the field of Computer Programming:
Languages/Technologies: ASP, JavaScript, jQuery, Ajax, JSON, SOAP, REST, HTML, CSS, Microsoft SQL Server - Stored Procedures, Triggers, etc., IIS5 - 7, Tomcat, WebSphere, Oracle,
MySQL, Solaris, AIX, Microsoft Server 2003 - 2008, Microsoft MFC, Mac OSX, SuSE Linux, Java, C/C++, ODBC, JDBC, OLE, Adobe ColdFusion, Flash

Tools: Microsoft Visual Studio 2010, TextMate, Eclipse, Dashcode, Mac FileMerge, Notepad++, baregrep, grep, bash shell, korn shell, vi/vim, Subversion, Tortoise SVN, Slik SVN, Beyond Compare, Microsoft Visual Studio 6 and 2010, Flash

Here is a list of animation tools and technologies I've used in the field of Animation.
Technologies: Maya 8 through 2008, Photoshop, Vegas 8, Flash, DigiCel Flipbook, iMovie, Quicktime 7 Pro, Blender, Animation Master

Demo Reel can be provided upon request.
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3D Animation