Michael Christopher Iroth

Freelance Fantasy Artist & Comic Artist

Location:Yogyakarta, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Website: http://xelachim@gmail.com
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I am an able visual artist in search of a living... not necessarily all-monetary but more to a way of living.

I am well informed from this style of life and thirst for more and I too grows accustom with visual language and hoping to dive deeper in it and I trust there are more to learn about this the further and deeper I explore and hoping this would benefit my life is all and hoping everyone else shares my thoughts, my fantasies or stories and messages through illustrations.

Currently I have been leading a non-profit group of enthusiastic few in visual novel and comics mainly Japanese manga for over three years.

I've studied drawing intimately in autodidact from grade school and currently attending art collage and institute although I trust to bear more fruit if on my own... or currently on my freelance profession.

I am well accustom to teamwork and willing to receive orders and able to give them such as an authority but not as important so soon.

As much as I know there are more to learn but I trust to be resourceful, well acquainted and able to take initiative if trusted to.
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Fantasy Art
Comic Art