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Location:Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, United Kingdom
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I originally trained as a psychologist, and published a number of papers dealing with memory storage and the psychology of deafness. I also co-authored a book on cognition, language and deafness, wrote numerous reports, and helped to prepare a test measuring the communication skills of hearing-impaired children. Unfortunately, due to health problems, I was forced to abandon an academic career. I still have a wide range of interests, especially with regard to historical and other mysteries, including parapsychology, UFOs, mind control, esoteric groups, and cryptology, and have written a number of articles on these topics. I am 63 and resident in the UK.
I have only recently entered the computer age and the chance to earn money via the internet is very attractive. However, I am still shockingly ignorant about a lot of technical terminology and lack experience of the newer computing aids.
I am capable of writing material fairly rapidly, especially in areas familiar to me. I am usually able to absorb information in unfamiliar topics and come up with something to say about them.
I have recently been made redundant from my major job, so I will now have plenty of spare time for any writing assignments offered me. If I feel that the topic under discussion is beyond my capabilities I' ll say so immediately - I have never seen the point of claiming skills I do not possess.
I have written a number of short articles to include in my portfolio; so far there are three:
"How to be deceived," "Mind control,disinformation and UFOs," and "The art of deception." The first is fairly short, the others more substantial. The PDF files aren't presented too well, and you might find it easier to check them out at the 4shared site. Follow the link Comments, kind or critical, would be appreciated.
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