Amanda Riley

Freelance Nature Photographer & Fiction Writer

Location:Mount Sterling, Kentucky, United States
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I am a full-time college student working towards completion of a bachelor's degree in middle school education with emphases in science and English. Growing up poor, I spent most of my time reading and writing creative stories to pass my time. I didn't have expensive toys or electronics so I used my own imagination for entertainment. I have always received high marks in all of my English and writing classes and have been told I have a "natural gift" by many of my teachers. I have written short fantasy and science fiction stories as well as poetry. I am currently working on an autobiography about how spirituality, fitness, and dieting have been crucial to my happiness and success. I am extremely excited to be a teacher someday and would be very happy teaching science or English. However, writing is my true passion and I would love to be able to publish some of my work someday. I have faced many struggles and failures in my life but I always persevere and have managed to overcome many adversities. I would love to be able to inspire others to follow a spiritual and healthy lifestyle so they too can experience happiness and success: This is why I am interested in freelance writing in the first place.