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I am a 56 year old female with a degree in veterinary technology and two years at a four year university, majoring in psychology and minoring in English literature. I have been unable to work for several years due to severe back pain, fibromyalgia, and a debilitating temporomandibular disorder. I have too much time on my hands and would love to have an opportunity to do some freelance proofreading, which is what I did back in 1976-1977 for a small town newspaper, until my having to relocate put an end to that job. In college I received the highest grades possible in all the English literature courses I took; I was the only freshman to have ever been allowed entrance in a junior creative writing course. I LOVE the English language and am appalled at the misuse of it. I am home 24/7 unless I have an appointment with one of my doctors, to which my husband must take me, as I do not drive because of the medications required to keep my pain at a level that I can tolerate. I would do an excellent job as a proofreader, as any opportunity to work with words would fill my days with a sense of accomplishment and make me feel worthy of my keep.
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