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Ashley Sorgea

Freelance Video Editor & Video Producer

Location:Alton, Illinois, United States
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Ashley Sorgea is a former film student from Columbia College Chicago. She was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico in the middle of a blizzard and raised on the shores of the muddy Mississippi in Alton, Illinois.

She now is working to further her knowledge and skill in the craft of film with the plan of one day working in the industry as a full-fledged post-production editor.

She loves the world of movies and is fascinated by the industry that creates them. Her love of film is only rivaled by her love for hockey, a passion she carries over into editing. Her work has recently been featured on the hockey blog “Puck Daddy.”

She is currently working to build her reel and further her creative abilities in this computer driven art form in the style of Narrative and Non Liner Editing.
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Video Editing
Video Production