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Eric "Prospect" White

Freelance Song Writer & Poem Writer

Location:Saint Louis, Missouri, United States
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William Blaine once said "Imagination is the divine body in every man."

If this statement holds true, then Eric "Prospect" White is divination in human form; a poet, emcee, and imaginative storyteller who blends poignant subject matter with an intelligent, calculated word play; creating a kinetic and visceral experience for all who listen.

Rife with humor, intellect, creativity, and a gift for lyrical transfiguration that is so smooth it almost seems TOO easy, Prospect's work embodies the notion that music and poetry are the languages of God. This idea, coupled with his magnetizing, almost other-worldly stage presence, and one can only assume that God too must really, really like this guy.

Born and raised in St. Louis, both the city's majesty and peculiar social sensibility have provided Prospect with an arsenal of experiences from which he creates his art. Through the dynamic of human interaction, his vast canon explores relationships, bravado, death, various personifications, and of course, reclamation, using the art of storytelling as his medium and the imagination (of which Blake spoke) as his brush.

This is because Prospect is an artist, in the most definitive sense of the term.

Like the pressed brick technique implored by his Reclamation cohort Basil Kincaid, Prospect masterfully transforms raw material (the stories and experiences in his environment) into powerful images that bring color and perspective to his literary pieces. Just as Kincaid may use limestone to achieve lighter hues and prairie grasses to color flowers, Prospect also uses the natural landscape and endless raw material of St. Louis city living to create vibrant, stirring interpretations of life as it unfolds in this historic, pulsating metropolis.

Unrestricted by theme, Prospect takes simple narratives and, through a tireless process of mixing and layering, transforms them into complex, metaphor-laden masterpieces that are both easy to understand and far-reaching in appeal. With a keen awareness of the importance of audience connection, his writings are a patchwork of diversity woven together by the commonalities in life that ties the individual listener to our collective consciousness.

It is through the unlimited potential that is his namesake that Prospect allows us to realize our own. Out of the dust and ashes of our own weighted expectations, his talent gives listeners the fortitude and inspiration to explore the back roads and dark places in our own lives; to reclaim the beauty and creativity buried deep within us.

It is this ability to transcend the expected, decimate mediocrity, and unearth our magnificence that makes Prospect's work NECESSARY. He is reclaiming the word and transforming our world-view by saturating the cityscape in an aliveness that allows us to visualize both our greatness and our decline with a new clarity.

--Pacia Anderson
Copyright 2012
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