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Freelance Book Cover Designer, Illustrator, & More

Location:San Francisco, California, United States
4 Skills
I am primarily an illustrator, but if you have some other projects and you like my style I’ll be happy to work on that too!

I began doing art at the age of 6 and since then I’ve never lost my passion in it.
I studied drawing and painting in an art school in Moscow, Russia (this is where I am from). Then I moved to California and began studying Illustration in California College of the Arts, San Francisco.

I’ve been working on 4 books for a start-up company eGlobal Reader, which creates electronic educational books for bilingual children, USA.
Being a painter, I participated in lots of exhibitions. Also some of my paintings were sold at the auction at Root Division, San Francisco, CA.
I also work as a designer of displays for fashion stores at Cool Look, Moscow, Russia. I am responsible for the general concept and the presentation of the project to clients.
And of course I illustrated some wonderful books for some guys who found me via

I can work in all the traditional techniques such as watercolor, graphite, acrylics on paper.
OR I can do illustrations in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator by using my tablet.

In the very beginning I’ll send you quick sketches of how I see the book or the cover. You are welcome to send me some images of the style you like and I’ll try to incorporate it to my own (I am open to everything new).
Upon completing every image I’ll send you a jpeg so that you keep track of how it’s going.
In the very end I usually do some small refinements where needed and send you the images of the highest resolution via Dropbox.

Why me:
High quality of my art is the most important aspect. Your offer will either be rejected (very rarely I do so when I’m not sure I’ll do it great) or you will receive the best result.
Also, you will get all the illustrations on time, NO EXCEPTIONS. You just give me the project and the deadline; I do the illustrations. I am extremely self-motivated and independent; no supervising needed.
Finally, feel free to choose the style you see your story in. You may wish realistic, child-like, cartoonish, surrealistic, “stained-glass” or minimalistic style and you’ll get it! I am flexible and experimental not only in mediums, but also in styles. See my portfolio to see all the diversity of my artworks.
If you have no idea about the style, leave it to me. I’ll be happy to suggest you some.