Freelance Children's Book Writer & Logo Designer

Location:United States
2 Skills
My name is Cilla. I am willing to write about anything but i prefer poems and songs. I connect with music on a high level and feel that lyrics are the most important part of a song. Because I am currently a stay at home mom, I am limited on what i can do (my son ALWAYS comes first!) but i do still want my dreams to come true. i do not want to be paid unless someone is completely satisfied with my work. I am very interested in the arts and i am very talented! Just because I have no professional qualifications does not mean i am incapable. I put my hard work into everything I do! I do not want my work to be only about profit, I want it to be an achievement. when i create things, I always do so in three completely different ways so i have an option to choose which feels best. In my skills, you will find the things that i am confident and comfortable with doing. If there is anything else, Just contact me! I like a challenge.