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Anjelica Bascom

Freelance Book Illustrator & Illustrator

Location:Detroit, Michigan, United States
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Anjelica Bascom is a product of her living in the diverse city of Detroit, Michigan and her multi- split heritage of African American, Caucasian, Native American and Trinidad. Anjelica was from a young age addicted to different ethnic cultures and different media which all seem to revolve around Japanese anime. Anjelica started to draw ethnic women characters that mimic Japanese anime style. In 2000 Anjelica attended College for Creative Studies (CCS) to hone her skills in both animation and illustration. From there she came to Miami and inspired by the sea-life and vibrant colors started to create her “Bubble Girls”. In 2011 Anjelica graduated from Ai Mimai International University of Art & Design with her masters in visual arts.

Anjelica unique style merges what teens see on a daily basis, which is different media, like cartoons, magazine and popular culture. Combined with the huge merging of different cultures like Japan. Which Anjelica uses and combines to make artwork that speaks to her generation of contemporary young teens especially ethnic women.
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Book Illustration