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I went strolling through the windows of my mind and know, this was the perfect time;
To have my life sung in sweet rhyme.
No more chasing the dream; it’s been too long
My family, my friends, deserted me. Gone.
Yet my dreams I still clearly see; even if I have to make it alone; just me.
Spending hours, sometimes days; just basking in their sun rays!
Spending seconds turned to minutes; knowing every moment here; I deserve it!
I know this road won’t be easy, requires a lot of faith, focus, and dedication;
And even with that; you’ll need a hell of a great presentation!
That’s why I know, this is my paradise, and this is my reality
Created to entertain with grace, beauty, and originality!

I come hard, the lights my weapon of choice, Loaded, cocked, and ready to slay with the smoothness of my voice.
I take prisoners, well they follow along; say it’s “something” in the way I sing my life’s song.
Something in the way I present myself, they just get carried away;
Lingering intently on the next words I’ll say.
I’m the one you want; and that’s not spoken lightly;
Like I said, I come hard; and if you doubt it; try me!
You name the place and you name the time;
And I’ll be there to claim what’s mine….
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