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Carolyn VanHosen

Freelance Brochure Designer & Logo Designer

Location:Irvine, California, United States
Phone: 714 357 3188
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I have been professionally painting and creating for the past three decade; I will create original artwork, jewelry and objets d’art for you. Portraits of favorite people, (yes, celebrities, too), beloved pets, landscapes, still life subjects and abstracts – almost any size can be ordered as well as murals…custom jewelry incorporating your favorite vintage collectibles and costume pieces. I will also create beautiful jeweled boxes (no two are alike as they cannot be duplicated) in which to keep your treasured jewelry, ephemera and priceless family photos. The boxes are so beautiful and unique, they make a perfect container for love letters, as well.

Because the body of my work is wide and varied, having done an array of subjects and themes, I don't adhere to one style of work. Instead, I create according to the needs of the person or project, whether it be a series of colorful abstracts, large trompe l’oeil murals or small, intimate portraits; I can create custom works of art in a variety of price structures to suit your needs.

I am always exploring new ideas, techniques, and themes; I am passionate about my work and among my many interests that play a huge role in my creative process are travel (Europe, for the most part), history (ancient history is of particular interest), music, art (the list of favorites is large but suffice to say I can never get enough of the brilliant work of other artists, from the Lascaux cave paintings to Rothko and Carravagio…), literature, photography, print making…I work has been featured in many projects, magazines and papers, such as ******* and the L.A. Times as well as various art publications, galleries and exhibitions. I have work in progress with upcoming shows scheduled for 2013.

“The only thing lacking in my life, is more time! I doubt I will ever be in the category of bored…there are too many things life has to offer and passion is everything”.
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