Jonathon Steinbeck

Freelance Chinese Translator & Venture Funding Freelancer

Location:Omaha, Nebraska, United States
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Jonathon Steinbeck
1890 North 115th Plaza #3309
Phone: (402) 517-0511
Omaha, Ne 68154

? Executive Experience in managing own company, including Sales, Supply Chain, maintaining executive relationships, and Strategic Direction
? Fluent Mandarin and Cantonese Chinese communication skills (oral and written)
? Several years of hands-on experience working in the People’s Republic of China and with Chinese businesses, in both Sales and Procurement roles
? Mastery of International Logistics, Supply Chain Management, Import and Export Procedures, and Business Partner Security Screening
? Training in Regression, Marginal, and other Statistical Analysis, Game Theory, Cost Accounting, Business Management, Interpersonal Skills
? Skilled in MS Office, Google Docs & Apps, internet navigation, social networking websites, corporate websites, formal training in public speaking (Toastmasters)


Troika International Trading Co., LLC, Omaha, Nebraska
Founder and CEO, May 2009 – Present
• Direct overall corporate strategy, review periodically and implement realignments.
• Main Business lines include importing of manufacturing components for US manufactures and exporting of Scrap Commodities to China.
• Manage day to day cash and credit transactions of company, search for better corporate financing opportunities.
• Develop & manage sales and marketing operations, including customer relationships.
• Oversee current suppliers and vet new suppliers, with an emphasis on product. reliability, quality, and credit worthiness.
• Search for qualified partners who can help leverage suppliers and customers.

Werner Enterprises, Omaha, Nebraska,
International Agent Business Development, October 2010 – March 2012
• Develop relationships with transportation partners overseas (agents) and leverage these to win business by helping with part or all of their transportation needs.
• Develop a process to vet agents and determine credit worthiness
• Maintain relationships with local transportation providers of all kinds, to maintain an ability to offer unique transportations solutions that add the most value for customers.
• Coordinate with Werner offices in China, Mexico and Australia on developing agents and combining leverage to get the most business and best rates possible.
• Offered unique rail solutions that helped win two customers with a combined $7.5 mm of revenue for the company in 2011.
International Pricing Specialist, October 2007 – October 2010
• Analyze pricing bids, routes, volumes, commodities, and determine pricing strategy, work with Sales to execute and submit sales bids to customers. Modes include trucking, airfreight, ocean, and rail transportation.
• Maintain relationships with and negotiate rate decreases through carriers and co-loaders. Use promotion rates to attract new customers and improve margins.
• Work with Werner's China offices and agents in foreign countries to get the best transportation rates, and be aware of relevant customs requirements and trade duties.
• Create, maintain rate databases to enable quicker and more competitive rate quotes.

ConAgra Foods Company, Omaha, Nebraska, March 2005 – October 2007
International Account Manager III, September 2007 – October 2007
• Direct and manage supply chains and inventory for all customers in the Greater China Region and Japan. Create more cost effective logistics and production processes. One initiative saved more than $100,000 in freight costs
• Use Chinese language skills with customers to build rapport, coordinate and track orders. Studied Cantonese to broaden communication with customers.
• Work with a Business Initiative committee to draw on Asian employee backgrounds to submit new product and marketing initiatives directed at Asian consumers.
• Maintain and improve an International Process Manual of SOPs and partner contacts information for the International department.
International Account Manager II, February 2006 – September 2007
• Analyze customer orders for possibility of upselling. Encourage customers to upsell Over 5 month period, upsold orders by $46,000.
• Monitor and correct transactions in customers’ accounts.
• Utilize Import/Export knowledge to create and obtain customs documentation, and ensure orders are in compliance with U.S., International, and destination country’s laws. One initiative saved $10,000 in document costs.
International Account Manager I, January 2005 – February 2006
• Oversaw and mastered international transport routes, supply chains, and import/export laws in the following regions: Mexico, Puerto Rico, Guatemala, Taiwan, South Korea, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Japan, Canada, Iceland.
• Mastered SAP Enterprise software and MK Denial (software to screen criminal/terrorist organizations)

Nanjing Normal University, Nanjing city, Jiangsu Province, People’s Republic of China
English Professor, April 2003 – January 2004
• Taught English to variety of adult students with different backgrounds, utilizing my speaking, communication, and language skills.
• Focused on conversational skills, pronunciation, grammar, and colloquial American English. Formulated criteria to judge students’ progress.
• Refined and adapted exercises and concepts to make class content readily understood by students, including practical topics such as Visa interviews and US culture.

Beijing Forestry University, Beijing city, Beijing Province, People’s Republic of China
English Professor and Co-Owner, January 2002 – January 2003
• Taught English classes to college students, as well as supplemental classes of instruction to students of all ages.
• Developed speaking, communication, and organizational skills, as I developed lesson plans, teaching plans, and goals for course curriculums.
• Developed unique exercises and concepts that incorporated topics relevant to students, ensuring class content was readily understood by students, including those with poor English verbal skills.


University of Nebraska-Omaha, Omaha, Nebraska
Master’s of Business Administration, December 2008
Emphasis: International Business ; GPA: 4.00/4.00
MBA Student Association, President, 2007-2008
Master Field Test of Business Administration: scored in the 95th percentile nationwide, top 5 scores among UNO MBA students.
Jack Hill Award Recipient: In recognition of outstanding service and performance.

University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Lincoln, Nebraska
Bachelor of Arts Political Science, Chinese Language and Studies, December 2004
Emphasis: International Relations, International Economics, Asian Studies
GPA: 3.64/4.00

Beijing Language & Culture University, Beijing, Beijing Province, People’s Republic of China
1 Year Intensive Mandarin Language Course, July 2002
GPA: 81.13 out of 100, pass 60 ; Tuition p