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Seth Hengstler

Freelance Anime Artist & Illustrator

Location:Hamilton, Ohio, United States
Phone: 5136587048
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I'm an anime artist specializing in cute/sexy illustrations of the female figure. I can draw men if needed, but girls are just more fun. I work with both traditional and digital mediums. Each image in my profile will provide details on the method I used. I work with original character ideas; I also enjoying taking photos of real people and using those as inspiration for anime creations.

My passion for anime started when I saw an anime show (Blood+) in 2007. With extremely low expectations I sat there on the couch with a smug expression on my face cause there was absolutely nothing else on tv at 1:00am. By the end of that episode I was totally blown away and completely captivated by the beautiful animation and storyline. From that point on I started watching more and more anime (mostly Key/Kyoto Animation Productions) until finally making the decision to start drawing my own anime and to become a manga artist myself :3
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Anime Art