Francine Foster

Freelance Editor & Manual Writer

Location:Tampa, Florida, United States
2 Skills
Computer Skills:
• Fully familiar with PC’s using the 3 most recent versions of Windows operating systems;
• Multiple versions of Windows Office Suite, intimate familiarity with the component applications – Word – Excel – Outlook – PowerPoint – Publisher;
• Various PDF creation/conversion applications including Acrobat and Nuance and numerous smaller applications and utilities for additional computer usability
• Home is networked (wired and wireless) with high-speed FIOS, with multiple notebook and desktop computers, monochrome and color laser multi-function laser printer/scanner/fax machines.
Experience Summary:
Seasoned professional administrator with a deep understanding of business practice, ethics and the practical requirement to ensure that all administrative tasks and procedures are carried out in a timely and competent fashion.
• Director and Corporate Secretary (five years) of a company that developed and distributed biometric identification hardware and software. Responsible for development, management, storage and security of all important corporate documents. Edited technical, training and user manuals for the company’s products.
• As a principal in a management consulting company, partnered on many of the company’s projects, such as: collaborated in the writing of a complex business plan for a Las Vegas-based company, primarily intended to raise investment capital to move the company forward; composed first drafts and final versions of all Project Proposals and the first drafts and final versions of all Responses to Requests for Proposal to existing and prospective clients; acted as Project Manager for the procurement of $2,000,000 in capital for a plastics company based in Texas.
• Bookkeeping projects on a freelance basis, using various versions of QuickBooks Pro and QuickBooks Premier to bring books up to date for clients’ CPAs to prepare financial statements and file corporate tax returns. This includes all data entry with appropriate/intelligent allocations, monthly bank reconciliations, including Trial Balance.
• Freelance consultant to small businesses providing office management and personal computer consulting services on a time and materials basis to companies that did not have full-time in-house expertise. Involved in all aspects of the development of the administrative process and strategy of the computer network integration company that evolved: facilities management, responsibility for the relationship with the landlord, planning and implementing the corporate office infrastructure. Conceived and implemented the company’s Customer Maintenance and Support Methodology, Customer Maintenance and Support Agreement, project managed the web-site development, including writing content and copy.
• Director of Administration for a software engineering firm for more than 10 years, during which time the company grew from the initial five employees to 130. Responsible for all facets of Corporate Administration: created, documented and implemented corporate policies and procedures including facilities and security management of more than 20,000 sq. ft. (corporate/technical offices and computer rooms), full responsibility for purchasing of all office equipment, computers and supplies, designed corporate document templates, human resources, training of new employees and Executives on use of PC hardware and applications, administrative project management, worked with the accounting department to manage Accounts Receivables collection activities to diplomatically ensure prompt collection and customer retention. The position ended when IBM purchased the assets of the company.
• Elementary school teacher specializing in English Language, Composition and Communications for five years (3 years as school’s Public Speaking coach for Grades 4 through 6).
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Manual Writing