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Based in Los Angeles, Michael Lent is a transmedia writer and producer of movies, fiction and nonfiction books and biographies, graphic novels, animation and video games. He is a “Google Author.”

Lent wrote the best-selling biography On Thin Ice for Hyperion, Disney in cooperation with and featured on The History Channel. The book chronicles the true-life adventures of legendary Arctic ice road driver Hugh “The Polar Bear” Rowland. In 2010, Lent received and completed a contract from Orbit Publishing to co-write four graphic bios of Stephen Hawking, Stephen King, JRR Tolkien and Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones. His industry best-selling book Breakfast with Sharks is considered by many to be the best guide on the business of screenwriting. Sharks is required or recommended reading at many institutions of high learning including the University of Southern California and UCLA. As a former featured columnist and contributing editor of Creative Screenwriting Magazine, he wrote more than 70 articles on the craft and business of screenwriting.

Lent is currently adapting EM Forster’s classic sci-fi tale “The Machine Stops.” He appears in the Rose City Sisters Fiction Anthology out in July, 2013. He also adapted Stephen’s King’s short story “The Reaper’s Image” as an audio play.

His graphic novel Prey: Origin of the Species, an environmental menace sci-fi thriller published by Marvel Comics in 2007, recently received a fourth renewal of option rights with intent to produce a feature film from casting agent Susan Johnston and Select Service Films in Hollywood. Lent also wrote the screenplay for this project.

Lent holds an MFA in Screenwriting & Film from the University of Miami, as well as a BA in American Studies from Hamilton College.

He is a member of:
The Writers Guild of America
The Authors Guild
The Comic Book Artists Guild
World Science Fiction Society

Lent wrote and/or produced the following films:
If You‘re Serious (shot in Fenghuang, China) 2012 (Executive Producer)
Connected (2012) Feature Film (Producer)
Witches’ Night (2008) Feature Film (Producer)
Santa & Satan (2007) Animation Short (Writer/Director/Producer)
***** in America (2007) Feature Film Documentary (Producer)
Hard Scrambled (2006) Award-winning Feature Film (Co-Producer)
The Hellseeker (2002) Screenwriter (uncredited)
Cashmere (1995) Screenwriter

Lent wrote the following books, graphic novels and comics:
The Machine Stops
Guitar Gladiators (in production)
Kim Jong-il: Immort-il (in production)
Stephen King: Master of Terror (2011)
Keith Richards: Uncut & Uncensored (2012)
JRR Tolkien: Master of Fantasy (2012)
Stephen Hawking: A Life in the Cosmos (2012)
Brimstone (2011-2012) 7 Book Graphic Novel Series
SCAPS Agent (2012)
On Thin Ice (2010)
Rogue Planet (as ghost writer 2009)
Christmas Letters from Hell (2007) Holiday Humor Best-Seller*
Prey: Origin of the Species (2007) Top 50 Graphic Novel for 2007
Christmas in Hell (2006)
Breakfast With Sharks: The Screenwriters’ Guide to Making the Pitch and Getting the Deal
(2005) Film Industry Best-Seller*

Video Games he has been a writer on:
Chuck the Chilla (2012)
SCAPS Agent (2007-2012) Trailer: http://www.scapsagent.com/trailer.php
Vigilante 8: The Arcade (2008) Trailer: http://www.gametrailers.com/player/41044.html

Phoenix Film Festival Best Short Film/2013
Honorable Mention (Hollywood & Vine Film Festival/2012)
Best Digital Comic (New Media Film Festival)
Best Narrative Fiction Work (Garden State Film Festival/2006)
Gold Remi Award (Houston International Film Festival/2005)

Lent was a researcher on the historic Dirty Harry Ultimate Collector's Edition 5 DVD Boxed Set

Lent was a columnist and Contributing Editor of Creative Screenwriting Magazine (1997-2006).
He was the author of 72 columns and articles during that time.

Lent has taught or lectured at the following colleges, universities and professional institutions:

University of Miami (UCLA Summer Institute Instructor: 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012)
Course: Indiewood: The Craft and Business of Writing for Hollywood
Chapman University (Guest Lecturer: 2005-Current): Lectures: Writing Projects that Get
Alameda Writers’ Group (Guest Speaker: 2003, 2004, 2006, 2008, 2010, 2012) Lectures:
Multiple topics including Reality Television, Graphic Novels, Game Concepts
The Screenwriters’ Network (Guest Speaker: 2010, 2013) Lectures: Digital Filmmaking,
Transmedia Writing
The Killer Endings Professional Writers’ Workshop (Lecturer: 2007, 2008) Lectures:
Working within the Auteur System, Transmedia Writing and Producing
The Screenwriting Expo (Star Lecturer: 2000-2006) Workshops: Ranging from Screenplay
Analysis, Digital Filmmaking, Transmedia Writing/Producing, Film Structure, Reality Television
Santa Barbara City College (Instructor: 2000) Courses: Screenwriting 101
UCLA Extension/Artsreach (Instructor: 1997-1999): Courses: Screenwriting 101, 201, Studio
Sessions (Individual Instruction for Advanced Students)

Lent is or has been a finalist judge of the following film and script competitions:

New Media Film Festival
Miami Film Festival
Phoenix Film Festival
International Horror & Science Fiction Festival
The Expo Script Competition
UCLA Artsreach Script Competition
Zoinks! Boston Film Competition
Screenwriters’ Network Competition

Current & Past Work for Such Clients As:
Walt Disney
Random House
Simon & Schuster
Amazon Books
Marvel Comics
Creative Screenwriting Magazine
Miramax Studios
Dimension Pictures
Universal Studios
Marc Platt Productions
Warner Brothers Studios
Dabel Brothers Publishing
Isopod Labs
Slime Sandwich
Hay Moon Pictures
Astrablu Media
NVF/Slate One Productions
Tournages Magazine
City of Los Angeles
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