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Daniel A. Hulina

Freelance Children's Book Illustrator, Illustrator, & More

Location:Belvidere, Illinois, United States
Phone: 815-222-3288
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First off, let me please say that with the miracle inventions that I hold dear known as the internet and computer, it makes it so possible for an artist in Illinois to easily do business with anyone in the entire world; it's as easy as an email. With that being said, here is a little about me. I have been an artist my entire life. In the past 3 plus years I have been following my dreams while maintaining a career that actually pays the bills. I have created a comic series called Crackpot Jailin', opened Hulina art - Daniel Hulina on Facebook, and most recently began a children’s book series called Swimie the Duck. All of my items are so far self-published. I attend as many comic conventions and art fairs as I can to try to spread the word of my materials. I also have a past of creating single pieces of art, tattoo designs and more. I don't usually charge an hourly rate. My fees are usually a bottom line figure which is very fair. I don't charge ridiculous amounts because then I don't feel that I would get work. Anyway, I mostly deal in cartoonish style. I draw everything by hand, not on a computer. I am new to computer programs, learning as I go. I do color on Photoshop but they are usually flat tones (no shade). If this is what you are looking for, please get ahold of me and we can talk. Thanks for checking me out and I hope you did not take my opening statement as rude or ignorant. I'm just a very open person. I usually charge about $25.00 per hour but it really depends on the project but I have not gone over $35.00 an hour, ever. some pictures I will do for $10-$ just never know. So contact me. I'm always looking for business.