Dawn Broschard

Freelance Researcher & Consultant

Location:Hollywood, Florida, United States
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Dawn Broschard


I am a seasoned and experienced researcher/statistician seeking to obtain employment conducting research design, data gathering, descriptive and multivariate statistics. With 15+ years using SPSS, I have also worked with query languages for relational databases and design and analyze survey research. I possess excellent writing and oral communication skills. I am able to multi-task efficiently in a high paced environment. My skills are transferrable and I have conducted research in multiple industries including education, health sciences, law and marketing/branding. I am a team player and my values and ethics transfer into my work.

Senior Research Analyst
November 2012 to Present (telecommute)
-Conduct multivariate statistical analysis, prediction models, degree of difference testing, monadic and sequential designs for Mars' corporate accounts (including but not limited to Burger King Corporation and Grupo Vicel) with consumer survey data in order to make improvements and find solutions.

September 2005 – Present
-consulting doctoral candidates on research design, instrumentation, data collection, analysis, concept papers and chapters three and four (methods and results) – each in varying stages of progress (discriminant function analysis, factor analysis and logistic regression)

November 2011 to May 2012
-Assist Dean of Transportation, Broward College with research project: Career Technical Education Adjunct Faculty Teacher Readiness: An Investigation of Teacher Excellence and Variables of Preparedness
-Assist with the design of survey instrument
-Code dataset and data entry
-Descriptive Statistics, Analysis of Variance and Multiple Regression (using SPSS)

Broward College, Fort Lauderdale, FL
June 2008 to December 2011

Director, Institutional Effectiveness
-Assist with the response to Accreditation prospectus, responses, referral reports, etc.
-Assist programs with professional accrediting agencies (NLNAC, NASM, NAST, etc.)
-Assist all areas of the college (academic program outcomes and administrative processes and educational support areas) with the development of assessment plans, data gathering, analysis and improvement plans
-Assist in the design and analysis of research to improve remedial student performance
-Manage the assessment tool, TaskStream, that BC has chosen to utilize and train on all aspects, create new templates, etc.
Dawn Broschard

Broward College, Fort Lauderdale, FL
June 2008 to March 2010

Senior Research Analyst
- Develop and conduct research in support of academic and planning issues
- Assist with development and implementation of Institutional Effectiveness Plan/Activities
-Conduct research that will improve the performance of special population/at risk students
- Ad hoc research/data requests (internal and external)

Barry University, Miami Shores, FL
July 2002 to September 2007

Associate Vice President for Planning and Assessment &
Director, Institutional Research
- Assist the President with all Strategic Planning efforts and implementation of the Strategic Agenda

-Chaired the Operational Planning Workgroup charged with creating an action and assessment plan to implement the 14strategies of the University’s Strategic Agenda.
-Work with schools and faculty on research projects including development of hypotheses,
methodology and data collection, statistical analysis and reporting/writing for publication
-Assist schools with assessment of programs and student outcomes
- Work with all areas of the University including academic programs, administrative and support
services regarding institutional effectiveness efforts and ensure accordance with accreditation criteria
-Assist with accreditation self-studies with regard to student outcomes and assessment
-Serve as an institutional peer reviewer of mission, planning and institutional effectiveness for SACS University level programs reviewing mission, (CR 2.4,CR2.5, CS 3.1, CS3.3.1- all, and FR4.1)
- Assist with evaluation of major grants

Associate Professor
-Faculty for School of Nursing (Advanced Biostatistics) doctoral students
-Assist doctoral students with research design/methodology/statistical analysis

Barry University, Miami Shores, FL
August 2000 to September 2007

Director, Institutional Research
- Oversee and coordinate the gathering of consistent information to respond to external surveys, guides, and other requests for University Data
-Oversee and coordinate major external reporting to IPEDS, ICUF, FETPIP, CSRDE, professional and regional accreditors, and other agencies
-Survey Development and Analysis via OMR and Web
- Provide information/data for other internal and external ad hoc requests
- Collect and summarize data to complete external reports for various organizations and agencies
Dawn Broschard

- Work with all areas of the University including academic programs, administrative and support
services regarding institutional effectiveness efforts and ensure accordance with accreditation criteria
- Maintain the Common Data Set and coordinate the gathering of consistent information to respond to external
-Maintain Quick Fact Sheet
- Assist with evaluation of major grants
- Provide information/data for internal and external ad hoc requests
- Chair of Institutional Effectiveness Committee
- Chair of Data Integrity Task Force and member of numerous university committees.

Broward Community College, Ft. Lauderdale FL
May 1998 to August 2000
Research Associate
- Develop and conduct research in support of academic and planning issues
- Assist faculty/administration with development and implementation of BCC Institutional Effectiveness
- Ad hoc research/data requests (internal and external)
- Assist with Florida Division of Community Colleges State Reports
- Compile data and prepare research/statistical reports from mainframe database
- Compile data and prepare research/statistical reports from mainframe database
- Enrollment figures/demographics/ Ad hoc research/data requests (internal and external)
- Develop, analyze and report surveys/questionnaires for various departments
- Maintain Office of Research and Planning Web Page

Broward County Public Schools
Spring 2000
- Conducted analysis of the relationship between selected variables and college preparartory placement testing in mathematics. Statistical analyses included discriminant function analysis and cluster analysis.

Palm Beach Community College, Lake Worth FL
May 1998 to December 1998

Adjunct Faculty
- Division of Communication and Math: STA 2023, Statistics

February 1998 to August 1998
Research Associate
- Coordinate analyze and distribute student assessment/evaluation of courses and faculty
- Compile and prepare CLAST reports and data
- Analyze and prepare reports for various questionnaires

Dawn Broschard

Bloomfield College, Bloomfield NJ
January 1996 to December 1997

Adjunct Faculty
- Behavioral & Social Sciences: PSY 245A, Behavioral Statistics; PSY 101, Science of Psychology
- Interdisciplinary Studies: IDS 161A, Human Development & Communications

November 1993 to September 1997
Assistant Registrar
-Prepare information reports for Administration and Faculty as directed by Registrar
-Assist Registrar with room scheduling/course scheduling
-Enrollment reports for state/loan institutions
-Instruct office personnel in use of Colleague integrated student information system
-Detailed academic record maintenance

Florida International University, Miami, FL
EdD Higher Education Administration
summa *** laude – May 2005, Dissertation Quality of Student Involvement and College Contribution Toward Development of Traditional and Nontraditional Undergraduate Students
Stevens Institute of Technology, Hoboken, NJ
MS Applied Psychology; Research
magna *** laude - May 1997, Thesis Motivation and Goal Orientation in a College Classroom Environment
Bloomfield College, Bloomfield, NJ
BA Psychology, summa *** laude - May 1993
-Psi Chi
Passaic County Community College, Paterson, NJ
AA Liberal Arts/Humanities, Valedictorian – May 1991,
Phi Theta Kappa

Barry University
August 2006 to 2007, Member Academic Affairs Council
August 2006-2007, Member of University Advisory Council
Summer 2006, Chair, Operational Planning Workgroup
August 2005-August 2006, Member of Strategic Planning Steering Committee
June 2005 to 2007, Member of Revenue Recognition Committee
August 2003 to 2007, Retention Data Subcommittee
August 2003-May 2004, Member of University Retention Committee
January 2002-January 2004, Member of Branding & Identity Task Force
August 2001 – May 2003, Member of SACS Steering Committee
August 2002 – May 2003, Member of Institutional Effectiveness Committee
August 2000 – May 2003, Member of University Planning Committee
August 2000 – August 2002, Chair, Institutional Effectiveness Committee

Dawn Broschard

Barry University
Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, Off-site Peer Review Committees

Service to the Community
2003- present, Habitat for Humanity through Barry University
1998-2000, Coordinating Council of Broward County, Quality of Life Committee

--Knowledge of survey design, experimental design, research methodology, and statistical tests
Knowledge of institutional effectiveness and assessment/SACS – compliance audits, responses, substantive change, Fifth-Year Interim Report, Monitoring Reports, Referral Reports
- SPSS Statistical Software Package for Windows 17.0/ SPSS-X Release 2.1 on DOS/VSE
- SAS 6.0 and Enterprise Guide 4.1

Teaching Responsibilities
Course Number Course Title Content Focus Theory/Clinical

Barry University, FL
NUR 732 Advanced Biostatistics for Nursing Mulitivariate Statistics/Research
NUR 637 Nursing Research III Guest Lecturer/Research-Stats
Palm Beach Community College, FL 5/98-8/98
STA2023 Statistics Descriptive and Multivariate
Bloomfield College, NJ 1/96-12/97
PSY 245A Behavioral Statistics Descriptive/Multivariate Stats
PSY 101 Science of Psychology Research Methods

Student Research Advising
Dr. Claudette Spalding, Dr. Lynn Bryant, Dr. Dawn Broschard, The Influence of Self-Efficacy and Spirituality on Self-
Care Behaviors and Glycemic Control in Older African Americans with Type 2 Diabetes, 12/06 – Henrietta Hanna
Dr. Sandra Walsh, Dr. Carolyn Lyndgren, Dr. Dawn Broschard, The Effect of a Creative-Bonding Intervention on
Nursing Students’ Self-Transcendence and Attitudes Towards Elders in Taiwan, Anticipated 05/07 – Shiue Chen

Broschard, D. (2005). Student Involvement and College Contribution toward Intellectual, Personal, Social, and Career Development of Traditional and Nontraditional Students.
Miami, FL: Florida International University.
Broschard-Rosario, D. (1997). Motivation and goal orientation in a college classroom
environment. Hoboken, NJ: Stevens Institute of Technology.

Dawn Broschard

Walsh, Radcliffe, Huber, Kumar, and Broschard (2007). A pilot study to test the effects of art-making classes for family
caregivers of patients with cancer. Oncology Nursing Forum, 34(1), E9 – E15.
Walsh, Chen, ******, and Broschard (2006). The effect of a creative-bonding intervention on nursing students’ selftranscendence
and attitudes toward elders. (submitted to Journal of Nursing Education)
Frank, M. & Broschard (2006). The silent criminal defendant and the presumption of innocence:
In the hands of real jurors, is either of them safe? Lewis and Clark Law Review, 10(2), 237-285.

Samples of Papers, Monographs and Reports
Broschard, D. (2004) (2006). Academic Variables to Predict Florida Bar Exam Success. Miami Shores, FL: Barry
Broschard, D. (2000). A comparison study between open college courses and traditional courses
and traditional courses. Fort Lauderdale, FL: Broward Community College.
Broschard, D. (1999). Mathematics CPT scores and college level mathematics success. Fort
Lauderdale, FL: Broward Community College.

S. Beaton-Garcia/Doctoral Student, Research Design 2012-present
L. Balzora/Doctoral Student, Research Design 2012-present
J. Guerra/Doctoral Student, Research Design/Analysis/Writing 2011-2012
J. Walsh-Portillo, Doctoral Student, Research Design/Analysis/Editing 2010-2012
H. Werner/Doctoral Student, Statistical Analyses, Spring 2007
M. Frank/Lawyer, Analysis of Juror Survey, Fall-Spring 2004-05
D. Little/Doctoral Student, Nursing Dissertation, Fall - Spring 2004-05
S. Fernandez/Doctoral Student, Education Dissertation, Fall, 2002
M. Alvarez/Doctoral Student, Quality of Residence Life, Spring 2002
Broward County School Board, High School Math Courses predicting College Test Scores, 2000





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