Freelance Market Researcher & Competitive Analysis Freelancer

Location:San Jose, California, United States
2 Skills
Swaroop is a Systems analyst with hands-on experience in SAP HANA, Business Objects BI client tools, Dashboards 4.0, Explorer 4.0, Business Objects Design Studio 1.x, Crystal Reports 2011 and SAP Visual Intelligence. He has excellent analytical and developer skills backed by a unique blend of life sciences and business knowledge.

Expertise: Business Intelligence, Data Analytics, Dashboard Design, Reporting, Life Sciences Consulting, Strategic Planning, Market Research, Due-Diligence, SWOT analysis, Competitive Intelligence, Healthcare analytics, Private Health Insurance Reimbursement, Medicare Reimbursement, Patient Assistance Programs, Medical Devices, Diagnostics, Biotechnology

Certification: SAP Certified Application Associate - SAP HANA 1.0 (Certificate ID: 00101791**)

Technical Skills:
Software: SAP HANA Modeling, SQL, CE-Script, SAP Business Objects Client tools, Data provisioning (Universe, Web Service), Business Objects Dashboards 4.0, Business Objects Explorer 4.0, Business Objects Design Studio 1.x, Business Objects Crystal Reports 2011, SAP Visual Intelligence 1.x, Web Intelligence Rich Client, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Vizio, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft MapPoint, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Reader Pro, TurboTax, Quicken

Operating Systems: Windows 8, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows NT, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Mac 0SX, Mac OS 8.6, Mac 0S9

Hardware: System Installation, Specifications design, LAN management, Hardware Troubleshooting, System Upgrade


? SAP HANA modeling
• Data replication using Business Objects Data Services
• Data import from flat files.
• Coding procedures.
• Creating attribute views with hierarchy.
• Creating analytic views with tables or attribute views.
• Calculation views using graphical and SQL interface.
• SQL and CE-Script to allow for complex joins and calculation.
• Security implementation through analytic privileges, roles and users.
? Business objects client tools
• CMC Management.
• Creating .unx universes on SAP HANA using Information Design Tool.
• Creating .unv universes on SAP HANA using Universe Design Tool.
• Data provisioning using Query as a Web Service Designer.
? Business Objects Dashboards 4.0
• Connecting to data using MS Excel, web services, universes and Live Office connections.
• Intuitive dashboards with drill down capabilities.
• Custom dashboards for use on mobile devices.
? Business Objects Design Studio 1.x
• Intuitive dashboards for use on desktops or mobile devices.
• Implementing multiple on-click mechanisms for a more dynamic and user friendly dashboard.
• Direct SAP HANA connections to allow for real-time data update.
? Other Tools:
• Creating customized formatted reports using Crystal Reports 2011, Web Intelligence Rich Client and Explorer.
• Data provisioning from SAP HANA, ERP systems, Excel files, text files, Microsoft Access Database, SQL database through universes, web services and direct connections.
• Ad hoc data analysis using SAP Visual Intelligence.
• Ad hoc data analysis and reporting using Business Objects Explorer 4.0.

Systems Analyst - Agni Consulting Inc. (Sept 2012- Present):
? Global Spend Analytics: SAP Design Studio based application, used to analyze business expenditure. The application allows drill down capability from the highest to the lowest granular level. SAP HANA analytic and calculations views allow for superior performance.
• Extracted data using procedures from information tables.
• Created attribute views and analytic views on top of tables to allow for easy access using other applications such as Visual intelligence, Crystal Reports and Explorer.
• Created a summary dashboard using Design Studio to visualize data at country, category and vendor levels.
• Implemented multiple on-click scripts to make the data visualization user friendly and dynamic.
• Created a second detailed dashboard to allow users to filter and view data specific to their needs.
• Provided chart generation option to allow users to visualize selected data.

? Sales Analytics using Explorer 4.0: SAP HANA based sales analytics demo which combined multiple tables from sales dimension, products dimension and purchase orders. The demo is used to show clients the analytical and performance capabilities of SAP HANA using Explorer 4.0. Explorer allows users to create and share ad hoc reports and dashboards.
• Generated test data for a million records combining multiple attribute data tables and fact data table.
• Created multiple attribute views with hierarchy for the product attribute.
• Combined attribute views using joins to the fact data to create analytic view.
• Created information space in Explorer 4.0 using direct connection to the SAP HANA database.
• Created multiple Exploration views to show the performance of SAP HANA and allow users to filter data based on selection.

MBA Business Intelligence Analyst Intern - Suna Solutions Inc. (May 2012 – Aug 2012):
? Prometheus Labs (A Nestlé Health Sciences Company), Strategic Planning and Analysis
• Analyzed the patient assistance programs of value-priced diagnostics and assisted in designing the Links® program for Anser™IFX.
• Conducted due diligence on a European competitor to Anser™IFX to analyze possible move into US market.
• Analyzed sales and payer data for a diagnostic test with no promotional activity to identify reasons behind the growth and recommended a strategy to further boost sales.
• Investigated distribution strategies of medical food companies to help evaluate alternate methods of dispensing for a future Nestlé product.
• Handled ad-hoc projects for the executive team and senior management.

Graduate Student Consultant – Keck Graduate Institute (Aug 2010 – May 2012):
? UVP Inc., Independent Consultant: Market due-diligence and commercial impact of a novel in-vivo imaging technique to be used in preclinical settings (Jan 2012-May 2012).
• Conducted in person interviews to identify the benefits of the new imaging technique over currently available products.
• Performed a literature review to find niche markets and develop a strong value proposition.
• Reviewed the current market and IP landscape to identify prospective competitors.
• Calculated the potential market size for the different niche markets.
• Conducted a SWOT analysis to study current threats and opportunities.
• Recommended a market entry strategy.

? Veracyte Inc. (Team Masters Project), Graduate Consultant: Examining economic viability, patient flow and attractiveness of the lung disease diagnostics market (Aug 2011-May 2012).
• Conducted literature review, market research and assessment of Lung Disease diagnosis.
• Developed detailed clinical flow of patients from initial symptoms and diagnosis to treatment.
• Validated clinical flow through KOL interviews and two surveys.
• Analyzed the decision trees and guidelines used by pulmonologists to diagnose patients.
• Identified drawbacks of current diagnostic methods and evaluated potential areas of improvement.
• Analyzed distribution of physicians in each state using Microsoft MapPoint.
• Studied physician distribution by practice type and practice size to find most attractive states for initial product launch.

? USC and Children’s Hospital Los Angles, Graduate Consultant: Market analysis and commercialization strategy for a novel method of drug and MRI contrast delivery (Aug 2010-Dec 2010).
• Designed a commercialization strategy for the diagnostics and therapeutic markets.
• Conducted extensive SWOT analysis for a go/no-go decision.
• Recommended various venture capital firms which may be interested in financing USC.
• Supervised due-diligence for the MRI contrast delivery market.
• Presented findings to technology transfer offices of USC and Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

? NanoIVD, Graduate Consultant: Assessed and provided feedback on NanoIVD’s nanotechnology based early cancer detection device. Developed an in-house in-vitro diagnostics device to diagnose various types of early stage cancers using circulating nucleic acids (Aug 2010-Dec 2010).
• Assessed NanoIVD’s device on the basis of concept, market size and regulatory hurdles.
• Provided feedback on how to make the device better in terms of increasing its accuracy and minimizing its chances of failure during regulatory testing.
• Conceptualized assay and technical design for in-house device development.
• Prepared device use case scenarios, user protocols and final report.
• Determined device specifications and designed the virtual device.
• Supervised a team of three members for assay development.

? Master of Bioscience - Keck Graduate Institute
? Awarded W. M Keck Foundation fellowship
? Courses:
• Bio-industry Ethics and Society
• Finance and Accounting Principles
• Corporate Finance
• Organizational Behavior
• Bioscience Business Strategy
• Introduction to Market Assessment and Market Strategy
• Professional Skills Development
• International Business & Global Health
• Bioscience Marketing Management
• Building an Entrepreneurial Organization