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Location:Colonial Heights, Virginia, United States
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Richmond, VA 23226


Computer Programming and Software Design


Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA
Graduation Date: December, 1999
Major: Information Systems
Degree: BS

Major Courses Taken:

· Visual C++ Programming
· Advanced Visual C++ Programming
· Windows Programming
· COBOL Programming
· Pascal Programming
· FORTRAN Programming
· Projects in Information Systems
· Systems Analysis and Design
· Database Systems
· Operating Systems
· Local Area Networks
· Computer Hardware and Software
· Business Information Systems

Dean’s List in Fall, 1997-98

Dates: 02/2002 – current time

Visual Basic
Web Development (HTML, DHTML, Java Script, VB Script, ASP)
CSS(< DIV>,< STYLE>,etc.), DOM
MS Office Programming (VBA Macros)
MS Access
Visual FoxPro 7.0, 8.0
ActiveX Programming
Facebook Development


Own website project
Website Owner/Developer current time

Develop my own website.

Languages/technologies: HTML, DHTML, Java Script, VB Script, ASP.

Host Provider: Network Solutions, Inc.

Leo Gallery
Programmer/Website Developer 08/2006-06/2011

Developed Inventory System.
Software & languages: Visual FoxPro, ADO/ODBC, SQL.

Develop Website.
Software & languages: ASP, ADO/ODBC, SQL, MS Access 2003, HTML, DHTML, XHTML, VB Script, Java Script, CuteFTP 8 Professional.

Free-lance project Richmond, VA
Programmer 03/2005-01/01/2006

Developed Credit Planning Calculator. Languages: VB6.

Oral X. Richards, Singer Richmond, VA
Web Developer/Contractor 06/2005-07/2005

Developed a website for a popular singer, Oral X. Richards.
Languages: HTML, DHTML, Java Script
Software: Internet Explorer, America Online, Windows Paint, HTML Image Editor

Database Software Designs(currently out of business) Richmond, VA
Programmer 09/2003-09/2004

Developed a set of programs for Traffic Registration System. Tested and modified old
Traffic Registration programs. Software: Visual FoxPro 8.0, FoxPro 2.6.

Direct Mail Solutions, Inc. Richmond, VA
Programmer/Data Processor 09/2000-02/2002

Converted Receivers Files, which come from the clients in various formats, into DBF and prepared this data for further Data Processing. Developed programs for this purpose. Software: Visual FoxPro, MS Excel (including VB Macros), MS Access, MS Word, VB Script, MS SQL Server.

Merged Receivers Files, purged duplicates, and produced final Receivers File of standard mailing structure for further Mail Manager processing. Developed programs for this purpose as it is necessary. Software: Visual FoxPro, including SQL, in-house written modules.

Performed presorting a list of receivers with producing Postal Reports and Container Tags. Created address labels. Software: BCC Mail Manager 2010, VFP Label Writer,
MS Word mail merge.

Produced a variety of selective reports by the Account Group’s and Production Staff’s
requests. Software: Visual FoxPro, including SQL, VFP Report Writer.

Developed a program to split a big file of receivers into multiple packages for
mailing. Software: Visual FoxPro, including SQL, MS SQL Server.

Developed a batch program to produce a test report about created address labels for the Production Staff. Software: Visual FoxPro.

Modified software for Mail Manager Data Processing automation. Language: WinBatch.

Developed a GUI - driven application to create a Job Folder on the Data Server. Software: Visual Basic with ActiveX.

Developed a program to create a data file for FedEx System processing. Software: Visual FoxPro.

Developed a GUI-driven application for batch Presorting Tasks Management. Software: Visual Basic with ActiveX, ADO, Microsoft Components, DLL, SQL, MS Access.

Installed Windows NT/2000, MS Office, MS Visual Studio, and other software. PC In-

Performed software troubleshooting.

Operating Systems: Windows NT, Windows 2000.

Simple Computer Solutions, Inc. Richmond, VA
Visual FoxPro Programmer/Consultant August, 2000

Consulted the company in Visual FoxPro, helped to resolve problems related to
Visual FoxPro projects, participated in Visual FoxPro applications development.

Software: Visual FoxPro

Noble Clothes, Inc. Ekaterinburg, Russia
Web Developer/Contractor 06/00-07/00

Developed a web for the company.

Software and Languages: HTML, Java Script, Windows Paint, Paint Shop Pro, MS
PowerPoint, America Online, Netscape Communicator,
Internet Explorer, Photoshop

Ludlow Coated Products/Fiber-Lam, Inc. Doswell, VA
Programmer/Contractor 08/99-12/99

Developed customized applications for manufacturing needs.
Manufacturing Applications. Developed:
System that helps to respond for customers' complaints;
Orders-Tracking System;
System that prints a list of non-active customers and purges them from the

Software: Visual FoxPro

Database Software Designs Richmond, VA
Programmer/Analyst 05/98-08/98

Created, tested, and modified database processing software
Accounting Applications. Created statement-reporting system for a clothes store.

Software: FoxPro 2.6 for MSDOS

Database Software Designs Richmond, VA
Programmer/Analyst 01/97-10/97

Developed, tested, and modified software.
Accounting Applications. Adjusting SBT invoices forms in correspondence to the cus-
tomer’s forms. Modifying COPHER Accounting System (the system for sold goods ac-
counting) under the customer’s operating requirements: modifying the cashier’s service
module, reports, end-of-day report creation, developing a subsystem for exceptional goods accounting; control panels modifications; testing software and installing modified programs on user’s stations. Software: SBT Accounting Vision Point 3.0, COPHER Accounting System, FoxPro 2.6 for MSDOS and Windows.

Ludlow Coated Products/Fiber-Lam, Inc. Doswell, VA
Programmer/Contractor 05/97-07/97

Developed and modified Database Service software.
Database Service. Developed a whole set of programs to purge old transactions from
Sales Orders, Invoices, Purchase Orders databases and history files. Modified a pro-
gram which transfers data from the server to the user’s WorkStation in order to make
the users independent on each other. Software: FoxPro 2.6 for MSDOS, FoxBASE+.

Ship Manufacturing Plant Nickolaev, Ukraine
Programmer/Analyst 04/89-01/93

Developed software for the plant’s departments.
Manufacturing Applications. Manufacturing operations accounting, scheduling, cost
calculations, reporting, workers payment calculations. Complete system development,
including: system analysis and design, building conceptual models, converting them in-
to databases, and programming database management. Software: FoxPro 2.6 for MSDOS and Windows 3.11, FoxPro 2.5 for MSDOS and Windows 3.11, Dbase 4,
Dbase 3+, Clipper, Visual FoxPro, GWBasic, QBasic, PL/1, COBOL, Pascal for MSDOS and
Windows, Visual Basic, Rational Rose.

Advertisement: Making Web Page for the plant’s product using HTML & Netscape

Operating Systems: Windows 3.X.

Engineering Applications: Diversified durability, hydro-and aerodynamics calculations.
Software: C, C++, Visual C++, GWBASIC, QBASIC, Visual Basic, FORTRAN 77 & 90, PL/1 (IBM 3090, TSO, with JCL framework), Pascal for MSDOS & Windows.


Software: FoxPro/Visual FoxPro, FoxBASE+, Dbase 3 Plus, Dbase 4, Clipper, C/C++,
Visual Basic, GWBASIC, QBASIC, Pascal, PL/1, FORTRAN 77 & 90,
COBOL, MSDOS, Windows 9X & NT, HiJack, Netscape Navigator,
Network Administrator, HTML, CSS, DOM, Java Script, VB Script, Dreamveaver,
JCL, MS Access, Rational Rose, UML, Paint Shop Pro, Windows Paint,
Illustrator, UNIX.
Hardware: IBM PC and compatible, appropriate equipment, IBM 3090/VMS.


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