Bobby V

Freelance Proofreader & Copywriter

Location:Phoenix, Arizona, United States
2 Skills
• Writing, proofreading and editing all forms of print and broadcast copy for all age
groups within a diversified list of clients including consumer, retail, broadcast
properties, entertainment, nonprofit organizations, Chambers of Commerce, Visitors Bureaus, broadcast news departments, business-to-business, healthcare and consumer law clients
• Writing and producing a 20-minute video presentation and other forms of broadcast and print to highlight the importance of and the critical need for organ, tissue and eye donation
• Supervising a Creative Department of writers, art directors, graphic designers, print
production manager, cartoonist and account coordinator
• Supervising a Quality Control Department and a Traffic Department for a major recruitment marketing agency specializing in healthcare clients
• Direct contact with clients, broadcast and print media reps, talent agents and vendors afforded me opportunities to see business from "their point of view" and was an immense help to the creative and client/departmental management process
• Proven ability to multi-task and deal effectively with impossible deadlines
Everything I know about being creative and a slave to deadlines, I learned on-the-job. I graduated from high school at age 16, determined I was too young to begin college (still age 16 until late August), obtained a job at an ad agency, realized the potential to utilize the natural abilities I already possessed, and the rest is ... highlighted in my resume.
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