Jason Padgett

Freelance Article Writer & Flyer Designer

Location:Fishers, Indiana, United States
Phone: 317-910-6524
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I am an aspiring writer who has been in the food and beverage industry for over twenty years. Much to the dismay of those who once had high hopes for my writing potential, I spent fifteen of those years at bay. My once highly focused ambitions and aptitudes were squandered traveling the coasts and chasing a skewed hedonistic version of the American dream. Fortunately I sobered up nearly five years ago and rejoined society. I have since married the love of my life, who teaches English at a recovery High School for kids with drug and alcohol problems. Together we are raising her 2 two children and our newest addition- a bouncing baby girl!
Today, though I remain currently employed by a local restaurant, I spend a great deal of time helping others who suffer from the woes of addiction find their way back to reality, morality and vitality! The next step in that process is clearly to make my avocation a vocation.
The skills I offer include:
*Both technical and creative writing abilities
*Vast Continental U.S. travel experience to include: California, Seattle, Alaska, Las Vegas, Phoenix,
Texas, Boston, many Florida locations and of course my home state of Indiana.
*School of Hard Knox Addictions Recovery knowledge both inside and outside 12 Step Fellowships
*A thirst for anything ‘recovery’ related
The experience I can’t list
*1000s of hours of 12 Step ‘anonymous’ work
The experience I can share
*3 yrs teaching (volunteer) Recovery and Wellness at Hope Academy Recovery High School in Indianapolis, Indiana
*Over 20 years experience in the restaurant industry.

Gourmet Cooking (I would love to marry recovery and my culinary skills in print or on screen)
Avid film fan
Enjoy the blues, classic country, R&B, ska and much more
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Article Writing
Flyer Design