Jason Hemming AKA The Vern

Freelance Audio Editor & Podcasting Freelancer

Location:Hopkins, Minnesota, United States
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I have contributed articles and reviews for a few blogs whose main focus is movies and music. Those sites include The Cinematic Katzenjammer(www.cinekatz.com) The Large Association of Movie Blogs(www.largeassmovieblogs.com),MV Remix(www.mvremix.com) and my own sites The Vern's Videovangaurd(www.videovangaurd.com) and The Vern's Video Vortex(www.videovortex.wordpress.com). I'm also the co host and sole editor of the podcast As You Watch(asyouwatch.wordpress.com). We have interviewed a few industry professionals and our schedule to do more in the next several months. I can create entertaining blogs posts that will get your content viewed and I can also make your podcast fun and exciting to listen to so you will get more listeners. I write under the name The Vern because Jason's Video Vortex did not have the right feel.
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Audio Editing