Sequoia Cougar

Freelance Cartoonist & Children's Book Illustrator

Location:Ariel, Washington, United States
Phone: 360-225-0883
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My name is
I am a realistic illustrator and a cartoonist by choice, but, I am quite proficient doing most any type of graphic designs which include logo designs, brochure designs, card designs, children’s book designs, graphic novel illustrations, and many other projects that deals with visual concepts. I am very versatile in the many types of styles from, cartooning to realistic, abstract or any other type of style needed to get your point across to your target audiences.

?I am very prolific with ideas, and can visualize very quickly what you are trying to ask me to do. I usually can sketch up your thoughts rapidly, which captures the essence of your feelings .Then, I like to work together to develop them into a winning and profitable market strategy.

?I have over 18 years experiences working in all the updated versions of Works, Print Shop,Corel Draw, in Print Photo Shop,Illustrator ,Page Maker, work some in Quark XPress and Grafix.-
?I mainly use computer Photoshop for all my finished work, but I am also very proficient use pencil, color pencils, watercolor, and air brush, and mixed media, and pen and ink.

?40 years of experience in MOST facets of art
?Running GRAPHIC CAT SCHOOL OF ILLUSTRATION AND CARTOONING for 12 years which included: teaching realistic art, cartooning, comic book, graphic book illustration, teaching 3-d clay anatomy classes, graphic art, fine art, tole painting, realistic/cartooning human and animal portrait drawing, creative advertising, and marketing techniques, POP displaying, directing art projects for students/clients. buying,/selling art materials, consulting with customers on printing, layout, and Illustrative techniques. Script writing. Hiring teachers to teach their specialties, as well as teaching interested and talented students how to become successful art teachers.
?I have been a ghost writer for over 5 years, have taught students and hopeful writers and comic book script writers how organize their thoughts, plots, character development, helped them navigate through the dizzying world of publishing, and teaching them how to find editors, and agents.
?I am currently writing several of my books, which I am hoping to publish. But,my current project is an art book called “WHY CAN’T I DRAW THIS RIGHT?”“ Illustrated and written by me to help art students that have no idea why their work looks so flat.
?I have worked for many clients on their logos, and advertisement layouts, as well as when I owned a restaurant I did all my own graphics, menu layouts, and newspaper articles.

?I am imaginative in getting your target audiences to notice what you are selling. My design ability is unique and different and I am very successful with my ideas for selling or writing about your products.
?I have also had schooling in advertising, both in class and 40 years in the real world.
?I am quite good at selling an idea to you, and getting your target audiences to sit up and pay attention to what you are advertising.
?My design ability is unique and different. I don’t like to follow the crowd, but I am not “WAY OUT THERE” either. I watch what I think is a great ad, learn from it, and find out what makes it good, present these ideas to you, we discuss them, and try and come up with a winning combination to be competitive in this almost over stimulated world.
?Common sense is what I base a lot of my thinking from, and I am extremely well versed in people’s psyche, and how they think, after I question them, or see their reactions to a product. I then can ask the right questions, and usually am able to get the answers that will get me to my goals.
1965-1967 American Academy of Art Chicago, Illinois
1980-1982- 2 years of correspondence courses with “Draw Me” Art instructional Schools.
1984- Received a year’s scholarship from the Edda McCormick art foundation from Clark College
1981-1984 –Associates in Arts, Associate in Applied Science in Graphic Design- Clark College,
1981-1983_ Writing classes in Clark College, which included, how to write a novel, short stories, and Journalism.
Late 1988 early 1989 New Horizons, Mac training in Page Maker , Photoshop, Word -Portland, Oregon
1989-2000-Real life experience managing my own art store
which included, teaching art, hiring, firing, advertisement, marketing, budgeting, displaying , buying, selling art materials, shrink wrapping, packaging, selling to customers, inventory, scheduling classes, working with outside clients as a free lance artist.
2001-A summer training on Cartooning at Portland School of Art
2002- to present- Portland Community College- Psychology, and typing