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Chris Hayes

Freelance Fantasy Artist & Children's Book Illustrator

Location:Salt Lake City, Utah, United States
Phone: 770.876.1706
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Christopher Hayes

I have been a freelance illustrator for 6+ years and worked on comics, tv commercials, character and game design, and film.
I recently finished an year long internship as a concept artist with Disney Interactive Avalanche.

Brigham Young University
Major: Animation
Scheduled graduation winter 2013
Years attended: 2008- present (currently a Senior)
GPA: 3.6

Skills and Qualifications:
-Bilingual: Spanish/English
-Skilled in Adobe Photoshop
-Adobe After-Effects
-Z brush
-Working 3D coat
-Crazy bump
-Story board and sequential art
-Concept Design

-Eagle Scout
-Co-creator of the comic anthology Reality Not Included.
-1st place State level Animated Graphic Design 2003, 2004

Work History:

Concept Art Intern, Disney Interactive Avalanche 6/2012-present
Supervisor: Sebastian Gallego
- Work with Art Director, leads, and producers to develop concept artwork that defines art style for the game.
-Generate concept art digitally and traditionally to communicate art direction for characters, props, and environments.
-Generate concept art for various uses: sketches and thumbnails, color passes, marketing pieces, 3D model paint overs, fully detailed paintings, UI elements, and concept for toys that will be produced.
-Meet production schedules and deadlines
-Work with Art Director, leads, and producers to illustrate specific gameplay elements to create both aesthetically pleasing and functional gameplay elements.
-Participate in concept meetings
-Collaborate with other concept artists on team to develop game play and story ideas.

Freelance Artist 2008 - Present

Clients include:

Lights and Colors Productions
-Layout, illustration, and animation
Ryan Woodward: 2011-Present
-After Effects compositing and motion graphics on Bottom of the Ninth app.
Kapiolani Hospital- 2011-2012
-Motion Graphics and animation for a 30 second TV commercial spot.
My Read: 2010-2012
-Illustrations for mobile application
-Animations for mobile application
Mobile Munchkin:2011
-Illustrations for mobile application
Aurora Record Company: 2011
-Mini comic as an album insert for Pop artist Viennie V
-Album Design and layout for Pop artist Viennie V
TGM First Films LLC: 2011
-Production designer for feature film “Caged”
-props master in charge of sets and props.
Library of Congress: 2012
After Effects animation
E-Rev: 2009-2010
-Illustrator 2011
-Character design
-Web layout concepts
Telekinesis Productions: 2010-2011
-Concept illustrator
Arke Systems: 2011-present
Solar Inc: 2007-present
-After Effects animation work

Sim/Game Designer, LDS Films Provo, UT 03/2012 – 07/2012
Supervisor: Keith Beavers
-Concept animation
-Flash animation
-Concept designs
-Design religious buildings, props, and objects from reference materials.
-Build to specifications buildings, props, objects
-UV map and Texture any models made or provided
-Work closely with a team of developers and artists

Illustrator, BYU Independent Study Provo, UT 08/2011 - 01/2012
Supervisor: Suzy Gearheart
Illustrate covers and banner headings for BYU Independent study classes

Effects Animator, BYU Animation Department Provo, UT 09/2010-12/2010
Supervisors: Kelly Loosli and Jake Wyatt
-Visual Effects lead on the short film “Metro”
-Composite shots in After Effects from paintings and animation provided
-Create new animations
-Coordinate responsibilities and assignments for team members
-Creatively troubleshoot composite and effects shots

Technical Operations, Aelera/AT&T Alpharetta, GA 10/2007- 09/2008
Supervisor: Jeff Strickland, contact at (678) 372.8190
-Monitoring Server stability and health through the use of System Inside manager
-Handles arising issues through proper escalation.
-Maintain the security of the facility during the night hours.
-Acted as helpdesk to assist clients with application issues.
-Assisted in transition between Aelera applications and AT&T applications.