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Location:Evanston, Illinois, United States
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Born Alonzo Henley aka Zobeats or Ghettocomposer. He's an 25 year old music producer that lives 5 minutes North of Chicago. His music career started at the age of 8 by taking drum lessons at his local church. He then went on to write his first song by age 10. He met many friends over time and formed many groups. By overcoming many obstacles he started making beats by the age of 15. Doing better than ever, sought out by many in the Chicagoland area for beats and all around production. ZoBeats has sold beats nationwide from California to New York. With his Iphone/Android app downloads are in the thousands just search: Zobeats. He currently is a CEO of ChiGrind Magazine as well as the VP of a Chicago based label known as TruBiz. He's also working on many other label branches and clothing lines to widen his brand name.

What ZoBeats Does:

ZoBeats is a businessman first followed by composing instrumentals of many genres, for example: HipHop/Rap, Soul, R&B,and Electronica. He also Does audio engineering, songwriting and managing talent. On his spare time he writes personal lyrics for songs that he plans on placing on his album that will debut in 2014.

List of works:

Centric Channel
Universal records
Terror Squad
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Magazine Design
Audio Production