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Paul Messing

Freelance Video Editor, Audio Producer, & More

Location:Bloomington, Indiana, United States
Phone: 812-822-2520
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I create and edit audio and visual material, spoken word, sound and music, and I'm generally available to collaborate on - and offer enhancement to - new or changing projects. I have over 40 years experience in broadcast media, entertainment and program development.

I offer my audio production and video editing services to a wide variety of clients, and enjoy collaborating and developing new content, and making good content even better.

Please feel free to contact me anytime!


Paul D. Messing
2523 S Ford Ave
Bloomington, IN 47403

Audio & video editor, Audio production specialist, Composer, Graphic design,
General Creative Consultant

Work Experience:

2010 – present:
Audio & video editing (screencasts, podcasts, corporate videos, etc.), product enhancement & packaging, music and sound design, creative consulting services, and program development.

Currently: Video Screencast Editor for Kelley-Green Consulting (Lisa Larson-Kelley) [NY], ATLASCFO Financial Services, (KS), Audio Podcast Producer for The Introvert Entrepreneur Podcast & How Can I Say This…Podcast (Beth Beulow) [MI]

1998 – 2010
Affiliate of
Indiana University - Indiana University Department of Radio & Television Services
Audio production specialist, researcher, writer, sound designer, composer.

• February, 2007 – March 2009 Produced Oral History of IU Chancellor Kenneth R.R.Gros Louis (A 2-box 30-CD collection).
This 2-year project consisted of overseeing and coordinating weekly interview sessions, editing and packaging audio, coordinating transcription and accompanying booklet of detailed content notes.

• October, 2006 – November, 2007 - Worked with University Information Technology Services (UITS) in transposing a lengthy technical document into short, downloadable audio files. Updated with new technical information one year after completion. This involved ongoing collaboration with UITS client in re-writing scripts for the ear while maintaining technical accuracy, and coordinating recording of scripts with voice talent who supplied audio tracks which I then edited and packaged.

• June, 2002 – June, 2006 Commissioned by WFIU to develop, research, write and produce an ongoing series of two-minute radio modules for former Rep. Lee Hamilton's Center on Congress. These 2-minute audio modules ("Congressional Moments") examine the Congressional process and significant Congressional achievements. These are designed for distribution to public radio and other media.

• 2002 - 2003 Researched, wrote and produced eight 2-minute audio modules as primary content for the educational audiovisual companion Web site to WTIU TV production of "Columbus, Indiana: Different By Design." These modules highlight specific architectural achievements during the city's development and place them in a historical and cultural context.??
LINK to online CONTENT
Columbus Indiana companion Web Site:

• August, 2001 - ongoing - Independently developed and produced a pilot for a new weekly one-hour public radio series about our relationships with animals and nature (“For Kindred Spirits”), hosted by author Susan Chernak McElroy (Animals as Teachers and Healers, others...). Wrote, organized, coordinated and produced a 51 minute pilot episode over a 6-year period (unfunded). It is now available through the Public Radio Exchange (

FOR KINDRED SPIRITS - (Pilot Episode):

This is a beautiful audio production about the more profound nature of our relationships with animals and the natural world. Hosted by NY Times bestselling author Susan Chernak McElroy (Animals as Teachers and Healers), it features her stories and guest interviews, music, and phoned-in messages - real stories from real people. This 51-minute pilot episode is available in two parts. Additional samples of my audio work can be found on PRX.

• August 2000 - August, 2002 - Creative consultant/writer, composer/sound designer for "Indiana Digital Horizons," a WTIU and University-wide team project designing a presentation of a simulated Interactive Technology Interface for Public Television.

• 1999 – 2000 – Commissioned by WFIU (regional NPR affiliate) to create a series of modules celebrating their 50th anniversary. Conceived, wrote and produced twenty-five 2-minute "Time Capsules."

LINK to online CONTENT
WFIU 50th Anniversary Time Capsules

• 1998 - 2004
Composed original music scores for Indiana University’s WTIU-produced 1-hour television documentaries:

"West Baden Springs: Save of the Century,"
“We Want Willkie,"
"Columbus, Indiana: Different By Design,"
"The Artists of Brown County,"
"Ten Steps to College with The Greenes,"
“Doc Counsilman: Making Waves”

1998 - 2000
Audio Production & Radio Coordinator
Collins Living Learning Center - Indiana University

• Proposed and initiated a revitalization of their in-house radio station, WLLC, to include a digital audio workstation and ProTools production capabilities; ordered equipment and logistics of WLLC studios; supervised station development and student participation in station activities. Oversaw transition and relocation of studio facility from radio station to audio production suite.
1992 - 1995
Macintosh Music and Sound Specialist
America Online - Family Computing Forum

• Produced and uploaded original music and sound productions to AOL Macintosh Sound libraries as examples for contests and for general downloading. Also monitored and maintained an online Macintosh sound-related audio Bulletin Board, and answered member questions through correspondence.
•1984 - 1996 Philadelphia, PA - Audio producer/sound designer, composer, script writer and consultant.

Various clients including the American Playhouse, Sesame Street, U.S. Healthcare, Apple Computer, the Pennsylvania Ballet, The Please-Touch Museum, Philadelphia, PA, and many others.
• 1986 - 1996 AR&T Films, Philadelphia

Composer, Script Consultant, Sound Designer
Worked with Czech animator/filmmaker Paul Fierlinger on numerous short animated educational films, culminating in the production of the one hour animated feature, "Drawn From Memory" (American Playhouse), which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival and was broadcast nationally on PBS in October of 1995.

• 1971 - 1980 - Vice President/Creative Director, RadioBand of America, NYC?? RadioBand of America (now defunct) was a special "non-linear creative production" facility for advertisers, local & national, known for creative writing and production techniques. Partner and I would write, and produce creative advertising campaigns, working closely with agency personnel, and produce radio commercials as well as music for radio and television advertising and programming.
This included casting and directing acting and singing talent, writing lyrics, working with musicians, and a lot of audio creative studio work.

• 1969 - 1971 - Production Director, WMMR-FM, Philadelphia, PA

Wrote and produced original programming material for the station, including PSAs, distinctive station IDs, special features, commercials and my own nightly pre-taped music program ["Opus"].

Bio form:
Paul Messing (Producer, Editor, Composer) has been writing and producing original audio material, music and art for more than 40 years. After graduating from the
University of The Arts in 1970, he became Production Director at WMMR-FM in Philadelphia, one of the first progressive FM rock stations of that era. In addition
to his own pre-taped overnight music program (“OPUS”), he produced unusual PSAs and station IDs. Many of these are now considered “classic” material, and are
still played today.

In 1972, Paul became Vice President/Creative Director of Radio Band of America, a creative audio production facility in New York City. For ten years, he wrote and
produced hundreds of radio advertising campaigns and TV music scores, working directly with national musicians, actors, singers and comedy writers. His work was
recognized on an international level, winning him more than 50 CLIO awards, including 10 gold statuettes by 1981.

By 1995, he had spent 10 years collaborating with Czech animator and filmmaker Paul Fierlinger as audio producer, script consultant, composer, and sound designer.
This work involved the production of many short animated educational films, including segments for Sesame Street, and culminated in the production of the American
Playhouse one hour animated autobiographical film, "Drawn From Memory," which was premiered at the Sundance Film Festival, and broadcast on PBS in October, 1995.
During this time he also composed an original Ballet for the Pennsylvania Ballet.

After moving to Bloomington, Indiana in 1998, Paul became affiliated with Indiana University's Department of Radio and Television Services, providing original music
scores for documentaries, developing programming for WFIU, the University owned NPR affiliate, and acting as creative consultant and sound designer/composer for
special projects involving both traditional and interactive technology.

Now living in Bloomington, Indiana, he continues to offer a range of creative services to a wide variety of clientele. He is a member of ASCAP, AFTRA, and PRX.

BFA, University of The Arts, Philadelphia, PA, 1970

Professional Organizations:

International Awards & Honors:
CLIO Awards - 50, including 10 gold statuettes

Professional references:
Kenneth Gros Louis
Chancellor, Indiana University
Steve Krahnke
Director of National Program Development, RTVS
Indiana University
Susan Chernak McElroy
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Music Samples:

Radio Productions:

(Other material - Original cartoons, art, photographs and humorous textual material through links below, through my Facebook page, and by request.)