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Luigi Riccardi

Freelance T-Shirt Designer & Graphic Designer

Location:New York, New York, United States
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I am a smart, creative, genuine, open-minded, eclectic, motivated self-starter with a wide variety of experience in different fields. I can contribute a strong work ethic, an advanced education (master degree in TV production and multimedia applications), a passion for politics and current events, creative insight, a love of traveling, art and design and other cultures, fluency in both English and Italian (native), and a flair for communicating and connecting with people from all walks of life.

As far as my personality, I know what it takes to be an entrepreneur, constantly multi-tasking and prioritizing - I am particularly skilled at coming up with creative solutions under challenging time and budget restraints. But I also enjoy working as part of a team and benefiting from other members' experience and skills. I have a lot of ideas and keep my notebook on hand at all times to sketch out concepts or just words or symbols that inspire me.

My experience with graphic design spans traditional print, digital, and apparel/textiles. I’m currently ?working as a freelance graphic designer on print collateral and photo retouching projects for various ?clients. My last position was at EATALY NYC, where I was responsible for designing and producing all ?internal communications for the retail environment. Most projects were extremely time-sensitive, and ?included large-scale and directional signage, menus, flyers, posters, brochures and website templates ?and updates. I also did retouching of product and event images, and oversaw various vendors for ?production and installation.

Previously, I owned a screenprinting company for 4 years, during which time I designed and produced my own collection as well as client designs, and I was involved in every aspect of the process, from client services, project management, concepting and developing print-optimized graphics, scanning and creating screens, the actual screen-printing process which generally focused on complex designs with multiple colors and effects, through to fulfillment and shipment. In addition, I have a portfolio of original digital artwork, some of which was translated into t-shirt designs and some of which was produced for an art exhibition in Capalbio, Italy a few years ago. I have very strong skills in Photoshop and Illustrator and have a working knowledge of the full Adobe suite and most design-oriented software. Since I love the industry I follow news and trends and have continued to sketch and concept even after I sold my business. My taste level runs from street wear to bespoke – living in the East Village but growing up in Italy with a high level of culture and exposure to luxury brands and services influences my interests and choices today.

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