Nicolas Micciola

Freelance Illustrator & Cartoonist

Location:Staten Island, New York, United States
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I am a freelance Cartoonist who has graduated from The School of Visual Arts (SVA). I have been taught by comics professionals such as Nick Bertozzi, Becky Cloonan, Jason LIttle, Matt Madden and Jessica Abel . At SVA I gained an education that helped me refine my storytelling techniques, Inking, and digital coloring. I have the ability to tell a story from beginning to end from thumbnails to the finished stage. While at SVA I learned the importance of respecting an encroaching deadline with being a full time student and handling 3 internships at the same time, as a result I am a efficient and fast paced artist. I am an hard and dedicated worker who acts professionally and once I put my mind to something I finish it.


Home Depot, Brooklyn, New York August 2011 - present
I am a Flooring, Painting, Gardening, Appliances, and Decor sales representative and I’m
in charge of organizing, shelving retail, and as well as completing special order sales for
customers and contractors.

Josh Neufeld, Brooklyn, Brooklyn,NY January 2010 – August 2012
While employed with Dojo Graphics I am an artist assistant for published graphic novelist, Josh Neufeld. While employed there I was in charge of helping Mr. Neufeld with inking, scanning, and laying out pages in Indesign for the recent graphic novel he illustrated Brooke Gladstone's "The Influencing Machine". I am also in charge of helping him ink his most current work as well.

Rubens Museum of Art Arts, New York, NY December 2011
I was commissioned by the digital coordinator, David Townsend to create and illustrate 13
black and white illustrations that coincided with the recent exhibit “Heroes, Villain’s, and Yeti’s”.

Three Squares (Food Blog), October 2011
I am responsible for penciling, inking, and coloring illustrations for them that accompany
their blog posts.

Marvel Comics, New York, New York January – May 2010
While I interned at Marvel I was a packaging assistant I was responsible for organizing the extensive back log of marvel books and retail, as well as getting the creator comps ready and getting them ready to ship. It was at Marvel that I learned to become a more professional fast paced and efficient person due to the time limit that was placed upon the various tasks i was asked to do. I also learned to take on more responsibility by taking on multiple tasks.

Dusty Film Studios, New York, NY Summer 2010
While I was employed with Dusty I was responsible for assisting Dustin Grella director of animation at Dusty Studios scan artwork that would be later used in an animation titled "Letterbox". I was charged with getting supplies, filling out animation film submission forms, mailing promotional dvd's of Dustin's most recent film "Prayers for Peace". What I took away form this experience was the ability to scan images in a fast and effective manner as well as become more proficient in my time management.

Joy Compass, New York, NY Jan 2011 – Aug 2011
While I interned for Joy Compass, a retirement based services company, I was a freelance cartoonist. My main responsibility was to write, draw, ink, scan and color one pages comics that follow two characters which explore the companies theories of retirement. I also created several illustrations that were published in 24/7 the april 2011 issue, as well as create two ads for their website.
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