Evelyn Fogleman

Freelance Photographer & Videographer

Location:Rosedale, Maryland, United States
2 Skills
I have extensive experience with internal corporate video services, most notably with The National Geographic Society and T. Rowe Price. I have handled clients within these companies to produce, edit, and distribute a variety of deliverables including internal meetings, interviews with VIP’s, and promotional spots. This experience handling multiple internal clients has given me excellent management skills and the ability to handle multiple projects simultaneously.

I have extensive experience with the tools on set and in post-production. I am an experienced editor in the Final Cut Pro, Avid, ProTools, and Adobe Creative Suite software programs. I have comprehensive understanding of a wide variety of camera makes and models, such as the RED ONE, RED Scarlet, Canon EOS Mark ii and iii, Canon 7D, and Sony XDCAM. Knowledge of these cameras and the codecs and editing workflows that go along with them give me the knowledge necessary to handle the media required for deliverables.
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