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Location:Orlando, Florida, United States
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I am a graduate of SUNY Oswego with a degree in graphic design and journalism. Currently I am partaking in an internship at Disney World, so my mind is constantly in a creative work mode.

For journalism, I was on staff at my school's newspaper doing many articles from media reviews to art gallery features. I have also done work in visual broadcasting with reporting on local news.

For design, one of my first projects was the promotion for a stage production of The Breakfast Club. More recently though, I've worked with a dietitian to create a multi-faceted campaign for healthy eating. Also, I created promotions of which were used for promoting the speech made by the female rights activist Lily Ledbetter to my school's campus.

-Here is my website which includes my resume and portfolio:
-Here is a link to a few of my journalistic pieces:
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