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Freelance Artist & Graphic Designer

Location:Miami Springs, Florida, United States
Phone: 3053433577
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Juan Navarro
Miami Springs FL, 33166

Objective: My work isolates the world into a more manageable space, honing technique and technology. The focus is the process, each piece is a journey in my desire for a certain project, vision or idea, to it's best potential, for a simple understanding and control of the daily universe.


-- Knowledge and experience in the use  of Adobe CS5 suite, Microsoft Office, CELTX, and Operating Systems in both OSX and Windows

--Fluent in Spanish

--Considerable Knowledge & Previous Experience as Consultant in the use and techniques of Wordpress, Social Media, including, but not exclusive to, Webcomics, Sequential Art, Social Blogging, Twitter/Facebook, Interactive management, Search Engines Optimization, and KICKSTARTER funding/set up/Fulfillment

-- Trained and Skilled in the use  of all media, including, but not  exclusively: acrylic painting,  charcoal, oil/chalk pastel, graphite,  inks, watercolor, oils, marker, clay,  fiberglass, gelco/bondo, gauche,  screen-printing, book binding, fimo, and  airbrush. Also, ASE approved Paint and Body/Collision, basecoat/clearcoat, Single Stage Urethane, Epoxy Priming, Heavy Collision repair, welding, plasma cutting, Frame Machine experience

-- Experience in Sales, Advertisement, Copywriting, and Merchandising


New World School of the Arts College  Miami, FL
Bachelor of Visual Arts/Graphic Design  Associates of Arts
Anticipated Graduation Date: May, 2004,
Overall GPA: 3.0

Work Experience

-- Editor-in-Chief/Head Writer for Creature Entertainment, overseeing Intellectual Properties in Film and Sequential Art Departments, and also overseeing production on various short-films and books

-- Currently working on a weekly Creator-owned webcomic, Zombie Years shows up every Wednesday

-- Past Work Experience:

Art Archivist at TDH Holdings
Oversee the arrangement, cataloging and exhibition of art collection. Also responsible for acquiring and preserving items for permanent storage or display in various properties. Used of various Timeline and Inventory software, Framing various works, installation of security equipment, hanging/installation of works, fabrication of necessary implements, and Art Restoration

Art Director of OLIVA CIGAR, designing branding for OLIVA eerie V, Connecticut blends, Studio Tobac brand & Domestic/International Ad Campaigns

Art Director for STEAMPUNK MAGAZINE, recruiting talent & curating look and feel of the Magazine

Various Clients:  including Design and illustrating, for Gaming Frontier, Fiend Publishing, Thalamyde  Productions, New Times Miami, Miami Herald's Street, Steampunk Magazine, Bustelo Coffee, Hex Games, Arregui Advertising, Enworld Games,,, Brickell Post, Transit Miami

Fleet Service Clerk, American Airlines
Responsible for loading and unloading cargo, as well as transporting cargo to and from the aircraft

Gallery Shows:
Monster Mash, Bear and Bird Gallery 10/5/2012
Square Show 2: Be There Be Square, Bear and Bird Gallery 3/10/2012
"Urbayne Biscayne" Precision Art , 09/28/2010
"Rock, Scissor,...", CS Gallery, 09/24/2010
Arsenals and Agendas, CS Gallery, 5/29/2009
ME, ME, ME, ME! Self Portrait Art show, Bear and Bird Gallery 4/19/2009
Images of Voice, Color my Gallery, 2/6/2009
Paradise Lost, 131 Projects,  12/3/2008
Art Basel, ArtPartments, 12/3-7/ 2006
Kunst Hotel, Art Basel, Miami FL, December 1-4, 2005
Art Of Noise, Churchill’s Pub, Miami FL, February 19, 2005
Underground Cavalcade-Art Basel, Curator and Video Artist, Churchill’s Pub, Miami Fl,
December 2004
Participants in “Public Notice” at Objex Art Space, August 2004
Underground Cavalcade, Producer and Video Artist, Miami Fl, July 2004
Gonz Art Gallery, “Requiem of Ink”, Toronto Ontario Canada, 2004
Free Spirits, “Art Basil”, Miami Beach, Florida 2003
Albus Cavus: “Hard and No Play...” Albus Cavus, Hoboken, New Jersey, 8/9-16/2003
Rising Stars, New World School of the Arts, 3/12/2003
Albus Cavus: Year in Review, Albus Cavus, Hoboken, New Jersey, 12/11-17/2002
"Propaganda", Tablecloth Mural Artist, Miami Florida, 9/19/2002
"Jumped!” Albus Cavus, Hoboken, New Jersey, 8/24-30/2002
"On My Mind" Helmet Benefit Project for New World Arts College, 7/22/2002
Jeskova, Video Show, Poplife, Miami Florida, 5/3/2002
Beatles Tribute Show, Club Revolver, Miami Florida, 11/30/2001
Rising Stars, New World School of the Arts, 2/16/2001

-Dead Men told Tales, Hangman Comics  1995 (USA)
-Comics Jam 1 and 2, 1996 (USA)
-Penciller/Inker on "Night Realms" with  Dave A. Law, 2001 (UK)
-Potlatch-Benefit for comics, Part 1 &  2, 2001-2002 (USA)
-Mysterious Visions, Dimestore Comics,  2002 (USA)
-"What Right?" Benefit Book for Little  Sisters books against censorship, 2002  (Canada)
-Penciled/Inking/Lettering "Last Shot"  with Jen Contino (USA)
-"Terrors of The Twisted Earth" by RPG  Objects Illustrator (Canada)
-Penciller/Inker/Letterer on "Dallas  Powers" with Jen Contino (USA)
- Guest Cartoonist, (USA)
-Current Creator of “Vigil” at [link] (USA)
-Potlatch-Benefit for comics, Part 3,  2004 (USA)
-Neo-Foreigners, Le Petrol Rok, 2004  (France)
-VIGIL,, 2001-2010 (USA)
-Steampunk Magazine, All Issues-Illlustration 2005-2010 (Great Britain)
-Zombie Years,, 2008-2010 (USA)
-Zombie Years, Issues 1-8, Creature Entertainment, 2008-Current (USA)
-Tommy Issues, 1-3 Creature Entertainment 2011-2012 (USA)
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Graphic Design