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Maira Dunne Fernandez

Freelance Editor, Resume Writer, & More

Location:Chicago, Illinois, United States
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My talents are best utilized by people that want an alternative approach to reaching their goals. I offer a perspective that highlights skills and experiences in a fresh light.

I can accelerate potential with innovative routes to success in writing, a job search, on a social media platform, or in managing a classroom.

My core skills in editing transcend the page; I apply them everywhere. I follow the basics but I create a new path. I always get 'there' and so can you.

I have a B.A in Communications/Journalism, a Master's in Education (I taught for 11 years) and I write a blog,

Editing and proofreading are my passions; Grammatical errors and typos excite me!

I agree with Mark Twain's philosophy of writing: keep it simple.