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-Fiction Writing Request Information-

Genres/Subjects that I know well:

(Please remember that all genres/subjects are fiction. I will only rarely do non-fiction stories as they require a great deal less creativity and a lot more research. I can occasionally be talked into a biography.)

Fantasy - Usually involving magic and creatures that do not and could not possibly exist.

Science Fiction - Based on a technologically advanced world.

A mixture of the two above. - Magic and Technology!

Horror - Scream inducing nightmares.

Romance - They meet! They fall in love! Weddings! Babies!

Horror-Romance (Yes, it is a separate genre.)

Smut (*******) - Differs from Romance in that it is purely ****** with less story.

Historical Fiction - Renaissance, Victorian Era and Age of Iron.

Mythology - Specializing in: Norse, Greek, Celtic and Japanese.

Fairy Tale - I do re-writes/twists on the oldies. (Cinderella, Snow White, Rapunzel, etc… ) I also do custom fairy tales for specific characters in the old-style writing. (ie: Once, long ago, in a time very much unlike our own, there lived a beautiful maiden who dreamed only of… Well, you get the point.) Custom tales are also available in a more typical format.

Poetry - Name a style, I can do it.

Fables - Stories with lessons in them, mostly meant for children.

Dying Earth - Apocalypse!

Mystery - Everyone loves a game of hide and seek! -Coughs- Perhaps more of a scavenger hunt. Yes…

Comedy - Hilarity!

If your Genre/Subject was on neither list, feel free to ask a question about it here on tumblr. There are many genres out there and these are just my favorites.

Subjects I prefer not to touch:

(Negotiable on some.)

Extreme mess in ****** situations. (Vore, scat and water sports.)

Loli - Underage is fine if we’re talking 16+ but no children.

Incest - This is a soft “no.” I’m willing to negotiate.
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