Emma James

Freelance Song Writer & Artist

Location:Townsville, New South Wales, Australia
Phone: 0424 826 159
Website: http://www.myspace.com/emmajames1971
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Hi. I'm a songwriter with both pre-written, (and available to hear @ http://www.myspace.com/emmajames1971), and the ability to custom write songs according to the client's needs, ("little yellow butterfly on myspace is a custom written song for a charity organisation called "Yellow Butterfly". They put out a casting call and ended up using my song as their permanent theme song. I have an invaluable reference/kudos from them if you're interested in reading it that is a great testament to my professionalism, expedience and ability to "capture exactly what they wanted in the song" ). I have the equipment to make adequate demos, (again, with expedience, from home - a handy tool to have).
I'm also a writer of sorts - mainly creative. My 2 sisters, Rebecca James and Wendy James are both award winning Aussie novelists with several novels under both of their belts - I like to think that there's a genetic predisposition that's been passed down to me too!!
Also, god I sound like a braggart - I paint. You can see some of my work @ http://www.anotefromemma.webs.com/ - To see the egs of my work you need to click on "about us". That's about all for now!
As you can see from my profile pic I'm also a mum, (of 4 little ones), and a house keeper!
You can email me - emhaltel@yahoo.com.au or call me 0424826159 - if you're interested.
Thanks for your time
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