Jennifer Keller

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Location:Concord, North Carolina, United States
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I am an interesting creature among writers. I love to embrace the story, and evaluate the deep insight of each page in this book called life. My name is Jennifer , and I am an artist. I see the world in a way like no other , I understand the pain in a puppy's eyes as its owner leaves for the long and lonely day. I see the majesty in the mountain view , and innocence in an ant hill.
Hoping to grab your attention , id like to evaluate myself. I model, write poetry, song lyrics, I'm a waitress by day, and a dreamer by night . The land ,world and population so full of color and grace, I grab life not by the horns, but by the hand , and dance the night away. My view is the way the crowd goes silent just before the sun fully sets. Untouchable. I am Jennifer Keller.
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