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Obviously, you know my name because it's in the URL. I'll skip all the tedious details about where I live and how I like my toast (hint, not surrounded by the six cats that live with me). I am what you would call a creative writer. Whether it's ticking off the things in life that suck or "serious inner feeling" free writing, I love to do it. I offer you a comedic perspective on ANY topic. I can make anything funny. Try me.
I have had no previous freelance experience, but what better way to hone in my life's passion than to start now? I'll have you know that I was a member of the National English Honors Society, and I kicked English in the *** (pardon) so hard in college that my teachers wanted to kiss me on the forehead. I know this because one of them (the male, typical) wrote it on my first paper. Creepy? Or complimenting?
There you have it, whoever is reading this. Take a chance!
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