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Freelance Digital Artist & Animal Illustrator

Location:Sacramento, California, United States
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I've been drawing since i was very small. Once i started going to school and drawing on my own personal time, people started to notice how quickly my attention to detail was growing. When i entered a high school art class for the summer, my teacher told me that my art was a advanced for the grade i was in. When i went to a local community college and i learned about the tablet, i felt that my possibilities were endless but i always wanted to do something associated with video games. So now I'm enrolled at The Art Institute for their Game Art Program. I'm currently in my 5 soon to be 6th quarter(about a year and a half) now. Already i have teachers requesting me to take certain art classes to push myself and my abilities. Soon I shall have a link to a web portfolio but in the time being my work will be posted here. Enjoy and thank you for your time.
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Digital Art
Animal Illustration