Ahmad Jad

Freelance Arabic Translator & Annual Report Writer

Location:Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
2 Skills

1) Responsible and focused accounting individual backed with a Bachelor of Business Administration with a major in Accounting and enrolled in the CPA program
2) Focuses complete attention to assigned tasks with the ability to work in a team, understanding the views and cultural difference of others, to work towards a common goal
3) Highly adaptable and flexible individual who is able to handle stressful situations by keeping a calm mind and asking questions when unclear
4) Possesses knowledge of computer applications, such as Microsoft Word and Excel; complemented by proficiency in QuickBooks and Peachtree software for accounting purposes

Accounting skills

1) Knowledgeable in using GAAP Principles to prepare the financial statement to the organization
2) Managing the work through Peachtree software by inserting transaction, checks and refreshing the documents by doing banking reconciliation.
3) Preparing Financial Reports like income statement, balance sheet, cash flow statement and also able to prepare consolidated financial statement.

Administration skills

1) Assisted in maintaining phone lines by answering calls, greeting clients, asking questions, then directing their call to the appropriate employee
2) Documented and recorded office transactions, up keeping a general ledger for accounting purposes
3) Prepared and compiled quarterly budget reports along with financial spreadsheets, paying close attention to detail for accurate recording, finalizing documents and giving to management for further review

Communication Skills

1) Collaborated with various department teams, ensuring smooth work flow and efficient organizational operations by utilizing effective communication skills, allowing all departments to be on the same page and work together
2) Presented information regarding accounting information through the use of lecture and visual aids to a multicultural audience with varying levels of English language skills
3) Using email and chats during work time with the manager and employees either to help or to ask things that are unclear

Sport skills

1) Winning the second place in the Championship table tennis universities in Kuwait-2010
2) Winning the first place in the Championship table tennis universities in Kuwait-2012
3) Joining marathons with distance 5 km
4) Enjoy playing Soccer and Basketball


1) English Language Center Level 5 AEPUCE programe at the University of Manitoba.
2) 2 courses for Enhanced English Skills for Employments ( Presentational and Cultural ).
3) Bachelor of Business Administration (Accounting) from Gulf University for Science and Technology in Kuwait.
4) High School Diploma from Al-Wataniya School in Kuwait.


3 years of experience working as Assistant Manager in Bash Media Establishment.
Type of Experience:

1) Studying and Analysis of the Cost and risk factors for all tenders and Inquiries which are submitted under Bash Media Name, as well as to control all Financial purpose of the awarded tenders .

2) Responsible for making the daily transactions of the Establishment and prepare the Balance Sheet to be ready for Audit.

3) contact the banks and negotiate with them regarding the L/C L/G ( Bid Bond & Performance Bond ) and General Facilities for Establishment.