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Mic James

Freelance Ghostwriter & Song Writer

Location:Greensboro, North Carolina, United States
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Since a young age, writing has been a fundamental part of my upbringing. I started out doing poetry for school, persuasive essays, and things of that nature. Later, I ventured into hip hop music in my early teens. Still doing various writing and, as equally important, I was always imagining things. Songs, stories, concepts for fiction etc. Recently, I've really decided to commit to putting my gifts use.

I have no formal degrees for either music writing, or fiction/screen/comic writing. Because of that I'm willing to demonstrate a portion of a sample, to prove worthy. I look forward to working with anyone in need of various music writing (not just Hip Hop), and also fictional works!! Any of you artist want your characters brought to life along with a world around them, I'm your man!!
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Song Writing