John Rogeles

Freelance Anime Artist & Ad Designer

Location:Mckinney, Texas, United States
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4701 Charles Place #2522, Plano, TX
(717) 725-0977


SUMMARY Newly graduate from Full Sail University. I am young, ambitious, and ready to indulge myself in learning experiences and sleep deprivation. I am very dedicated to my work and I am able to pick up new techniques and tools very quickly. I work well and have experience working with a team of Game Developers and have a great understanding of how a pipeline works. I excel in artistic problem solving and finding new ways to overcome obstacles.

Software: Maya, Zbrush, Photoshop, Mudbox, UDK, Xnormal, 3D Coat, 3DS
Max Art: Drawing, 2D Animation, 3D Modeling, 3D
Sculpting Social: Public Speaking, Acting, Improvisation

ACADEMIC EXPERIENCES Character Creation (personal)

? From Speed sculpts to High Res modeling I have created a total of 16 characters during my time at Full Sail University, which two were displayed on campus. With every character I have learned more about anatomy, texturing, and giving personality to the models.

? Wake/ Multiplayer first person shooter
? Fast paced first person local networked multiplayer shooter.
? Lead Artist
? 5 month dev cycle with 6 programmers, producer and co-producer.
? Responsible for 90% of the games art and assets within a month’s time.
? Worked and completed concept art, character models, weapon models, environment assets, character and gun animations, HUD design and menu design
? Worked closely with Game Dev to collaborate the style and look of the game and to resolve any mesh/geometry, animations, art issues.

? Level Design and Creation
? In one months period of time I had to work with two other students to conceptualize a level, build the assets, texture them, and import the models into UDK. ? Learned how to interact and collaborate with fellow team members while budgeting time under stress ? Learned to take on responsibilities of other team members work when situations became complicated. It doubled the workload but the finale Level was a success.


APOC Games
Lead Artist 03/2013 – Present
This is a temporary freelance job.

Vender 2006 - 2007 Mall (Public Speaking)
Bagger 2007 - 2008 GIANT FOODS Grocery Store (Social Skills)
Waiter 2009 - 2010 General Sudders (Multi-Tasking)

Video games, Drawing, Acting, Voice Acting, Playing Sports, Movies, Social Activities, Events, Animation, 3D Modeling.

EDUCATION Bachelors of Science: Game Art - Full Sail University Winner of the 02/2013 Graduating Class – Awards Received:
? Advanced Achievement Award
? Course Director
? Portfolio Assembly
? Public Speaking
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Anime Art
Ad Design